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How to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile

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How to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile

This tip is about the how to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile. So read this free guide, How to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile – Guide

call to action Mobile one of the best mobile first-person shooter genre products. The game itself is very popular and offers players good dynamic gameplay. In addition, it is very competitive due to the fact that the game belongs to the popular type of Battle Royal multiplayer matches.

This means that you will need to fight a lot of players in matches against all and climb to the top every time. The game has different customizations starting with something valuable like weapons or gadgets, and ending with various cosmetics. This article will tell you how to get the most desired mythical weapon skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to earn mythical weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards basically allows players to earn Google Play money by completing surveys. There is also a trick for more in-app research. If you register as a teen user, the chances of getting surveys increase significantly. Also, the more you travel, the more surveys you fill out.

Now, after successfully accumulating a good amount of balance, players can buy COD points and finally go to Mythic draws. This basically allows players to obtain Mythic Weapons for free in-game. Also, if you’re lucky enough, the mythical weapon or character skin can drop at very good rates.


Various tournaments are held through a variety of different portals that players can participate in to get free CP. Winning some of these tournaments will allow players to accumulate enough CP to make a Mythic draw.

Additionally, Call of Duty Mobile is currently running a $2 million tournament as well. The Phase 2 qualifier for this particular tournament is live now. Players can get 1000 CP if they qualify with their team for Phase 3. This is a great opportunity to earn some CP.

CP gifts

From YouTubers to various other content creators, CP giveaway contests are very common now. YouTubers like iFerg hold these freebies every now and then. This allows players to participate and earn free CP. Also, this allows players to get enough CP for a Mythic draw.

One important thing to note here is that all these methods are 100% legit and legal. It is important to stay away from illegal ways to get CP in Call of Duty Mobile. These illegal methods pose a serious threat to your account and can permanently ban you. Also, there are a ton of sites that promise to give players a CP rate. It is of paramount importance to stay away from these sites.

Final note

I hope you like the guide How to gain mythic weapons on Call of Duty Mobile. In case if you have any query regards this article you may ask us. Also, please share your love by sharing this article with your friends.

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