How to Stop Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps

How to Stop Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps

There are hundreds of well-known Android smartphone producers worldwide. Samsung, however, is the industry leader in most respects. In many areas, including this one in the United States, Samsung smartphones are the most widely used Android-based smartphones. Samsung is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world by a variety of parameters. In fact, it represents a staggering 13% of South Korea’s entire GDP and is the biggest chaebol, or “business conglomerate,” in the nation.

Simply put, Samsung is a huge brand with a tremendous impact on a variety of industries. If you’re a sensible Android user, you’d prevent the Galaxy Store from downloading apps and never download apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Nearly all Samsung smartphone owners, including us, can attest to this. Thus, it is necessary to block such downloads if the device instals unwanted apps without the user’s consent. We mentioned below are the ways to Stop Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps.

Ways to Stop Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps

Remove Galaxy Store App Permissions

Remove the Galaxy Store’s app permissions as soon as possible to stop it from installing apps on autopilot. Go to Settings > Apps > Galaxy Store > Permissions to accomplish this.

Here, choose Don’t allow next to a permission under Allowed. After this, you’ll get a warning; just tap Don’t allow anyhow to keep going. Likewise, for each additional privilege listed under Allowed.

By doing this, the Galaxy Store app will have a difficult time downloading files and using other phone resources. The app will request permission again after you remove the permissions and open it. To reject them, make sure to tap Don’t allow on the pop-up.

Turn Off All Galaxy Store App Settings

You can disable all Galaxy Store app settings in addition to removing permissions. Return to the app information page (Settings > Apps > Galaxy Store) to begin. Here, deactivate the following options:

  1. Turn off Remove permissions if app is unused.
  2. Choose Set as default and toggle off Open supported links.
  3. Then tap Mobile data and toggle off Allow background data usage and Allow data usage while Data saver is on.
  4. After that, Tap Change system settings and toggle off Allow permission.
  5. Select Install unknown apps and toggle off Allow from this source.
  6. Also, Tap App details in store, tap the three dots menu at the top of the app page that opens and unselect Auto update.

Unselect Recommended Apps When Setting Up the Galaxy Store

If you’re opening the Galaxy Store app for the first time, you might see a page recommending “Popular apps to get started” apps. Be cautious; if you rush through the setup, your phone may end up downloading a lot of bloatware. What you should do is:

  1. Under your start apps you see a list of app groups. In each app group, one or more apps are automatically selected. Tap Edit next to an app group and manually deselect all the selected apps. Do the same for all app groups. When done, tap Next.
  2. Then Customize the profile, tap Skip.
  3. At startup, you may see a pop-up asking you to select your local language. Uncheck Receive notifications about new and exclusive content from Galaxy Apps at the bottom and tap Done.
  4. You may also get a pop-up window titled “Marketing selection”. If this is the case, tap Cancel.

Turn Off Galaxy Store In-App Settings

Disable settings by using the Galaxy Store app’s settings menu. To access Galaxy Store settings, open the app, tap the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap the Settings menu (the gear icon). Now, adhere to the guidelines listed below:

  1. Select Auto update apps and tab Never.
  2. Toggle off Get news and special offers.
  3. Choose About Galaxy Store > Auto update Galaxy Store and select Using Wi-Fi only.
  4. If you are already logged in, press Personalization Service and you will be taken to the Personalized Applications page. Here, deselect all selected applications. You may receive a warning for some applications; simply press Stop to continue.
  5. Then, tap the back icon on the screen to access the personalization service page. Beware, if you go back using the device’s navigation buttons or swipe gestures, you will return to the main settings page. You must press the back arrow icon at the top of the page. Once on the Personalization Service page, disable the Personalize this phone, Use mobile data, and Personalized ads and direct marketing options.
  6. Then tap Erase your data, tap Erase again, type your Samsung account password, and tap OK.
  7. Tap Stop customizing all devices, tap Stop all customization again, and tap Turn off to confirm.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to Stop Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps. If you purchase a Samsung smartphone, you might have observed that it routinely downloads bloatware programmes without your permission. More often than not, it impacts the company’s entry-level and mid-range devices rather than its flagship models. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the Galaxy Store from downloading and installing these apps on your phone by pressing any button.

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