How to Install And Use Magisk on Android

How to Install And Use Magisk on Android

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How to Install And Use Magisk on Android – Guide

If you’ve ever thought about rooting your phone or modifying certain aspects of it, chances are you’ve heard of Magisk. But what is Magisk? There are several Magisk modules that you can install on your phone for different purposes. There are modules for themes, ad blockers, enabling Camera2API, and many other system-level changes that you can’t do otherwise. If you are an advanced user and want to expand your phone’if you push it to the limit, you need to try Magisk. If you like it all, we’ll tell you how to install Magisk on your Android device to customize it and do things you never thought of on your phone.

Installing Magisk requires a custom recovery, which requires your phone have an unlocked bootloader. If you have already unlocked the bootloader on your phone, Are you ready to go. If you don’t know and don’t know what we are talking about, we recommend There is no universal method for this, as it differs from phone for phone. After unlocking the bootloader, you can proceed. If you have a device that still uses the A-only partition scheme, you can find “boot.img” inside the flash recovery ZIP file. Just extract it with a suitable archiver.

How to install Magisk?

Magisk is easy to install if you have unlocked your device’s bootloader and installed a custom recovery (my favorite is TWRP). If you don’t have it, you can still install it, however it’s not in the scope of this tutorial. However, if you want to install a custom recovery first, here is a quick guide.


You must have the following to install Magisk:

  • ONE mobile running Android 4.2+,
  • and Custom Recovery (such as TWRP).
  • Step by step

    After completing the requirements, let’s check the process:

  • Now, restart your device in recovery mode. follow this guide if you are not sure about recovery mode or boot into recovery mode.
  • In recovery mode (say TWRP), click Install.
  • Then find the folder where you downloaded Magisk.
  • Now, select the zip file and slide the slider to install it.
  • Finally, click Reboot System to restart Android OS.
  • Now, you have installed Magisk, but you also need its manager app called Magisk Manager to manage modules and superuser permissions.
  • Download Magisk Manager from its repository directly to your device.
  • Finally, install it on your device. If you are asked to check “Unknown sources”, please configure it for your browser and try to install it.
  • How to Use the Magisk Manager

    After installing Magisk Manager, you will see a variety of options to tweak Magisk features. A simple swipe from the left reveals the navigation bar, which presents a list of different options. Next is the Modules section. You can use this section to manage modules already installed and download any Magisk modules that may have been created by third parties but not yet available in the Magisk repository. The Downloads section is the direct link to the Magisk repository from where you can directly download and install the modules of your choice.

    Go to the Install section to check the version of Magisk that has been installed on your device and check for updates. In case of updates, you can easily download and install the new version just in this section. If you go to the “Superuser” section, you can manage which apps you have granted or denied root privileges and change them.

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