Deals » Blue Yeti USB Microphone: deal price $109.99, original price $129.99

Blue Yeti USB Microphone: deal price $109.99, original price $129.99

by Mathew Watson
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In addition to its one-of-a-kind appearance, the Blue Yeti stands out because to its stunning retrofuturistic design and its strong metal body. The microphone’s distinctive tri-capsule array is held in place by an adjustable stand, which gives the user the ability to position the device at a range of distinct angles. The exceptional workmanship gives it the appearance of sturdiness and refinement, which are both benefits of the product. It is clear that Blue Microphones invested a great amount of care into the design, which is what causes it to stand out among any recording setup.

The Blue Yeti is very straightforward in terms of both its construction and its operation. Because it is a USB microphone with plug-and-play capabilities, there is no need for elaborate setups or additional audio interfaces to be used with it. It is compatible with computers running the Windows operating system as well as computers running the Mac operating system, and it is also compatible with almost any recording program that you could wish to use. Because of this, it is a very adaptable piece of equipment that is also quite simple to operate.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Four different polar patterns
  • Gain control knob
  • Headphone jack with zero-latency monitoring
  • Sturdy desk stand
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case

Where to get Blue Yeti USB Microphone?

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The Yeti microphone features cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo, and bidirectional polar patterns among its array of options. The cardioid pattern is the most common pattern used for podcasting and streaming due to the fact that it concentrates on the sound that is in front of the microphone and rejects the sound that is coming from the sides and rear. Due to the fact that the omnidirectional pattern is capable of picking up sound from everywhere around the microphone, it is an excellent choice for recording meetings and conferences. The stereo pattern will record two separate channels, and these channels can be combined later to produce a stereo recording that is more immersive.

Due to the fact that the bidirectional pattern is capable of picking up sound from both the front and the rear of the microphone, it is an excellent option for recording duets or interviews. Due to the fact that it possesses a lot of functions, the Blue Yeti is an excellent option for a wide variety of recording endeavors. You may modify the input volume of the microphone by turning the gain control knob, which is located on the microphone itself. In addition, the Yeti comes equipped with a headphone port that has a zero-latency monitoring capability. This feature enables you to listen to your audio in real time without experiencing any lag.

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