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10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker of 2020 For Beginners

10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker of 2020 For Beginners → Hacking is one of the foremost untrusted fields to work in. If you wish to become a hacker, then you should have a curiosity of studying and adopt new skills. To become a hacker, the needs are to have the deepest knowledge of all of the operating systems available. Read More: Hacking apps for ios

Almost everybody thinks that hackers are criminals and often do illegal activities however they’re wrong. Many huge companies hire hackers to protect their systems and information and are extremely paid. Which means a hacker can even hack all of the systems legally for which they get paid. So, Here in this post, I have bought you 10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker. Read More: The Best Hacking Tools For Linux of 2020

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Here the 10 Simple Steps to Become A Hacker of 2020

Step 1. Learn LINUX/ UNIX to Become A Hacker

steps to become a hacker

LINUX/ UNIX is an open source operating system that gives better security to computer systems. It was first developed by AT&T in Bell labs and contributed a lot in the world of safety. You should install LINUX freely out there open source versions in your desktops as without learning UNIX/LINUX, it isn’t possible to become a hacker. Read Also: Best Hacking OS Kali Linux Review

Step 2. Learn Programming to Become A Hacker

steps to become a hacker

As an elite hacker, programming is something you couldn’t neglect. Even though it’s still possible for one to be a hacker without knowing even a bit of programming, it’s always better to have some basic understanding of programming languages like C, HTML, PHP, JavsScript and so on. If you are unsure about programming, you can even decide on it later after you finish pursuing your ethical hacker’s course.

Step 3. Learn Networking Concepts

steps to become a hacker

Another important and essential step to becoming a hacker is to be good at networking concepts and understanding how the networks are created. You want to know the variations between different kinds of networks and must have an explicit knowledge of TCP/IP and UDP protocols to exploit vulnerabilities (loopholes) in the system.

Understanding what’s LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall is also necessary. You must have a clear knowledge and use of network tools such as NMAP for packet analyzing, Wireshark, network scanning, etc.

Step 4. Learn More Than One Operating Systems

steps to become a hacker

One of the primary need to turn into a hacker is to learn at least two operating system. As there are a lot of OS available. Each system has a loophole; a hacker wants it to exploit it. Else you can try these recommended The OS for Hackers.

Step 5. Learn Cryptography to Become A Hacker

steps to become a hacker

To turn out to be a successful hacker you must grasp the art of cryptography. Encryption and Decryption are the main advantages in hacking.

Step 6. Learn more and more about hacking

steps to become a hacker

You should Go through many tutorials, eBooks written by experts in the field of hacking. In the area of hacking, learning isn’t ending because safety changes every day with new updates in systems.

Step 7. Contribute To Open Source Security Projects to Become A Hacker

steps to become a hacker

An open source computer security project helps you a lot in polishing and testing your hacking skills. It’s not a piece of cake to get it completed. Some organizations such as MOZILLA, APACHE provide open source projects. Contribute and be a part of them even when your contribution is small, it can add a big value to your area.

Step 8. Write Vulnerability (Loophole program)

steps to become a hacker

The vulnerability is the weak spot, loophole or open door via which you enter the strategy. Search for vulnerabilities by scanning the process, community, and plenty of others. Try to jot down your own and make the most the method.

Step 9. Experiment A Lot to Become A Hacker

steps to become a hacker

After learning some concepts, sit and observe them. You need a good computer system to start with as some tools may require the highly powerful processor, RAM, etc. Strive different possible methods some will give the result.

Step 10. Join various forums of hacking & meet hackers

steps to become a hacker

The  Most important for a hacker is to make a community or join forums, discussions with other hackers worldwide so that they’ll exchange and share their information and work as a team. Join different groups on social networking websites related to hacking where you can get more from experts.


In fact, this question is difficult to answer since it isn’t something that can be mastered overnight. It requires information, expertise, creativity, dedication and of course the time. Everybody can become a hacker provided they learn it from the basics and build a strong foundation. So, if you wish to be a hacker all you need is the passion for being taught, a good source of information that can guide you through various concepts right from the basics and some perseverance.

We hope you enjoy the article 10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker of 2020 For Beginners. Stay tuned for more updates.

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