7 Ways E-Commerce Sites Can Use Social Media To Increase Traffic

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If your e-commerce site is not promoting itself on social media networks, then you’re already behind. The top social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have already been around for a while now, and businesses have come to know the ins and outs of using social media to boost sales on their sites. If you’re just now getting to learning about social media and its connection to your sales revenue, then it’s time to that you keep reading down below to find out more about how you can do this.

Customer awareness

When you use social media, you are going to be able to start interacting with your customers in a way that was not possible before. Once your business is on the top social media sites, then you can speak with your customers through polls and online groups to get a sense of who they are and what they are looking for in your products.

On top of that, when you launch a social media campaign, you can set up analytics tools on your website to check and see which social media profiles are bringing in the most traffic. This will be of huge help when you tweak your strategy, in the end, to see which channels are the most helpful to your business. 

Customer service

Many customers will only buy from companies that they can easily reach through social media networks, rather than through email or phone. Those are the old school ways of doing customer service, so it’s best that you are on the major social media networks. Consumers are going to be much more comfortable when they know that you’re available on all platforms at all times.

Special offers

When you use social media to promote your business, you are going to have the opportunity to promote special offers to your audiences. These offers are going to be for a limited time and might only be visible to those people who follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Customers are going to be much more likely to use these special offers when they know that they’re only going to be around for a short period and because they’re exclusively available to them. These can be anything from free samples to huge discounts off of purchases.

Buy links

Depending on the social media networks that you choose, you may be able to add buy links and other links on your images and texts to bring customers right to your site. For example, on Facebook, you can add a link right to your site on your page, show customers where they need to go. Or you can add a caption link in the bio of your Instagram page that brings customers right to your latest products.

Social media contests

Another way that you can use social media to your advantage in increasing sales revenue is by holding contests on your profiles. You will only be giving away a gift card, freebie, or a significant discount on products in exchange for your audience members tagging a certain amount of people in the comments and following your page. That’s their entry, and you would pick the winner at the end of a week or two. This dramatically brings up the viewership to your site.

Online advertising

On many of the social media networks that you’ll be on (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), you have the opportunity to pay for online advertising. These ads are going to be hyper-targeted, meaning that you can specifically choose who’s going to see the ads. You can make this based on the demographic that you mostly see coming to your e-commerce site.

You’re more reliable in the eyes of you customer

The last reason why you’re going to be getting more traffic from social media is that you’ll be seen as much more reliable in the eyes of your customers. A large following on social media networks lets other people see that other consumers have used your product and therefore, see you as a more credible source to buy from.

When you’re thinking about creating strategies for bringing more traffic to your site, social media has got to be part of that strategy. The re’s simply no option!

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