How to add a guest mode for any android

Click on add a new profile.

Ever want to hand your Android smartphone to someone else for a while? If yes, then the re’s a good chance that you were worried about how easily they could go through your personal data or end up changing preferences or even deleting info like contacts or messages.

If you answered yes, then continue reading to find out How to add guest mode on your Android smartphone. Guest mode is one of my favorite options, I don’t need any other privacy app. Guest mode is basically a special profile that you can enable on your Android device for guests. You can choose any apps that you want to enable in guest mode and the guest will only be able to access those apps. For example, if you want the guest to use only the music app, you can enable it and all other apps won’t be accessible.

Step 1. First of all download and install the app Guest Mode in your android device.

Download and install the app Guest Mode

Step 2. Now launch the app and enter the pin and confirm it again and click on ok.

Launch the app and enter the pin and confirm it

Step 3. Now there click on add a new profile.

Click on add a new profile.

Step 4. Now you’ll list of apps installed in your android, you can select any apps that you want to be in your guest mode and click on save button.


Step 5. Now just tap on play icon button there and you’re done, you’ll be in guest mode with limited access that you avail for other users.

Guest mode enable

Step 6. Now to get back to normal mode click on the arrow at right top corner and then confirm your pattern you’ve set.

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