Once there was this boy, whom we will call his name Jonathan. Once he was in a shop, and as he left he heard a song that I have not listened, and wanted to search his cell. You go to Youtube, as it is a song that is not stored in the memory of his cell, and finds, puts his headphones, and makes its next stop, the gas station. When out of the car, will turn the screen of your phone, and the song stops, YouTube does not allow videos, or music video with the screen off. So it keeps the screen turned on, but when it takes the money to pay, not wanting to touch the screen and stops playing music. In desperation, he expected to be better in the car sitting to replay the song.

Did you previously passed something? Are you annoyed that you can not hear music from YouTube unless you have the lit screen, and you can not even have it running in the background because you stop playing? Well today I bring you a very simple solution to your problem, and is in the Play Store, it is the Application AudioPocket.

The application is as simple as downloading, no longer you have to do anything more in that application.


Step 1. After that, you go to Youtube and search your video.

Step 2. Proceeds to give “Share” the video, and share it through AudioPocket.

Step 3. And  that’s it, you have the audio of YouTube on your phone without having to keep the screen open.

Beyond that, the music you listen also be saved within the app in the area of ​​History. You can clear history to if you want.

The application is in Alpha phase, as it is still not compatible with all computers, but the majority are supported.

Do you find the app useful? Download it, and let us know how you think the same.

Get it on Google Play