Awesome VLC Media Player Trick

April 12, 2021

Awesome VLC Media Player Trick: VLC media player is the most popular, highly effective and versatile video player and is offered for Windows, Linux, Mac also. This media player is providing a very advanced setting and various options for powerful video player users. The VLC media player supports various video/audio formats. Read more: 10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker

In this article, I am sharing VLC trick that will make VLC media player also more productive for you and get excellent video viewing experience. I ensure, some of the VLC media player tricks that you see here will be interesting, Unknown and helpful for you. Read More: Mylikes review 2017; How to Earn Money Online with Mylikes Network

Convert Videos Utilizing VLC

VLC Media Player Trick

If you wish to convert video or audio files on the cheap, you can with VLC! Only make sure you have the newest version and utilize the shortcut Ctrl + R. Add that video you want to convert, and you can also add subtitles.

Watch Youtube Videos in VLC

VLC Media Player Trick

You can directly watch any youtube videos in VLC Media player, needless to say; you want Internet Connection. You can more get rid of unwanted disturbance caused in Youtube Videos wherever you watch the videos in VLC. How to Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

Take a Screenshot of Playing Screen

VLC Media Player Trick

When you’re watching a video and you want to take a snapshot of what’s on the screen, simply use the Shift + S.

A snapshot of whatever is on the screen at that second will be stored in your Library or Pictures folder.

Play Video as Wallpaper

VLC Media Player Trick

Right-click anywhere on the playing screen and choose Video -> Set as Wallpaper. The VLC window will now go blank, and your desktop wallpaper shall be replaced with video playback. Yes, the video will play as the wallpaper. You can still control the playback from the VLC window. Setting Video As Desktop Wallpaper

Record A Currently Playing Video/Audio

If you wish to record and capture a snippet of a video that you’re playing, VLC has an option to do so. To allow this feature, on the menu bar, click on View > Advanced Controls. Extra buttons will appear on the app. Whereas playing a media file, click on the Record button to start recording. Press again to stop.

Recordings shall be saved in the Movies folder for movies whereas audio will go to your Music folder. On the Mac model, go to the menu bar and click on Playback > Report or use the shortcut CMD + ALT + r.

Record Webcam

You can record a video in VLC utilizing the webcam. Go to Media > Open Capture Device and choose DirectShow from the Capture mode drop menu. From here you’ll choose the video and audio device from where it will capture. Click on Play and VLC will stream from your webcam. Use VLC’s capability to record currently playing video, and you have yourself a webcam recorder.

Run More than One VLC Window

You might not believe you can run more than one instance of VLC at the stated time however you can! Go to Tools > Preferences. Then under the Interface tab verify that each Enable only one instance and Use only one instance while started from file manager are unchecked. Remember to save the settings after which you can run two instances of VLC at once.

Simply bear in mind that if you play two videos or songs at once the audio from every will drown each other out. However, that is a good way to show photos with music or a video on the similar time in your laptop.


VLC media player is a good desktop screen recorder. It outputs the file with high quality and small size compared to other screen recorders. The tips above are merely a few things that VLC is capable of. That was the Awesome VLC Media Player Trick; I hope that you just Like this.

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