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Vampire Survivors: How to beat Reaper

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Vampire Survivors: How to beat Reaper

In this article we will discuss about how to Beat Reaper in Vampire Survivors. In the roguelike video game Vampire Survivors by Poncle Games, Red Death is an enemy that appears at the end of a run and is meant to kill the player’s character. In Vampire Survivors, if a player is lucky enough to make it to 30 minutes, Red Death will always show up. Red Death’s high stats make it almost impossible to beat.

This gives players one last challenge and stops them from being able to run around a stage forever after it’s over. Death comes for everyone, even the guy in Castlevania games who throws little scythes that spin around. In Vampire Survivors, death is also the mysterious endgame flag. It means you’ve “finished” your level, but you still can’t get out alive.

This roguelike game has a character named Red Death, and while there are other games like it, most gamers don’t realize that Vampire Survivors is the game that defines the genre. Red Death might seem unbeatable at first, but players can kill this Grim Reaper if they have the right weapons and passive items. Also, once players have killed Red Death, they can use it right away as a playable character, as long as they have enough coins to buy it. Here we mentioned below are the steps how to Unlock Red Death in Vampire Survivors.

1. How to Beat Reaper in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors: How to beat Reaper

If you want to face the reaper of souls, you’ll need to set up some things first. To get one relic, you have to unlock two hidden stages. This gives you access to four items that let you evolve two specific weapons. Our Vampire Survivors secrets guide has some quick ways to do this.

  1. Unlock the Moonglow stage by putting hyper mode on four of the first five stages.
  2. Unlock the Holy Forbidden stage by beating the boss that appears on Moonglow after 15 minutes.
  3. Walk to the end of the Holy Forbidden stage to get the Yellow Sign.
  4. Collect the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right, which are north, south, east, and west of the spawn point.
  5. Evolve Infinite Corridor by leveling up the Clock Lancet, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring to levels 8, 9, and 9, respectively.
  6. To evolve Crimson Shroud, level up the Laurel, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right to level 8, 9, and 9, respectively.

2. About Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot-em-up video game set in the year 2022. Luca Galante, also known as poncle, made the game and put it on the market. After a preview period that started in December 2021, it came out in late 2022 for macOS, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS. It’s hard to put Vampire Survivor in a certain category.

It’s a bullet hell game where you represent hell because each time you play, you level up and give your character more weapons while thousands of enemies come at you from all sides. The weapons fire on their own, so you mostly just have to use the WASD keys to move around the crowds of enemies and wait for everything around you to die.

These weapons are all different: Holy Water falls randomly all around you and kills anyone who happens to be in the way. At the same time, a whip cuts in all directions around you, making a path. The way you play will change depending on which weapon you use. Garlic is a must-have early on, and anyone who gets close to you in a small circle will take a lot of damage. The fire wand is another must-have item. It shoots deadly flames at the nearest enemy.

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