How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos And Videos

Update - 2020.04.14

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos, and Videos – Lots of people accidentally or delete their messages, Images, and Videos for some reasons however they want their data later than to recover the deleted data on Facebook you can use these below easy steps. It’s a Facebook feature which many people are not aware of, and let you guys know about this superb feature/trick that Facebook provides.

People on Internet Run Many Searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing too. “How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages and Recover Deleted Messages from Facebook. There are Many of Fake Posts on the Internet. Don’t Waste your Precious Time simply Follow the easy steps to know how you can get back. You can also access to your deleted photos, videos and all other data of your Facebook profile.

Step to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos, and Videos

Step 1. First of all, Login to your Facebook account and go to General Account Settings.


Step 2. When you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, So click on it too.


Step 3. After that, On the Next page, you will see a Download Archive Button, just Click on it and you will be ready to enter your Password to Continue, That is a Security Step by Facebook.


Step 4. Now, entering your Facebook Password, Click on Submit, After that you’ll show the download link for your data shall be sent to your e-mail id which you used to create on your Facebook account.

Step 5. Wait for a minute and check your mail. Now, you will see a mail in your Inbox with Downloading link ready so that you can download all your data.

Step 6. Now After the downloading the file. Unzip it and open the folder where you’ll find your messages, photos, videos. Pokes, Friend list, etc.

These Files will be in a .html format so you’ll have to double click on the file and choose our Favorite Browser to open the file, the File will open up on your browser where you will have access to all your data.

Step 7. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

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