How to Change Animation Speed in PowerPoint

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How to Change Animation Speed in PowerPoint – Guide

For years we have used a powerful tool called PowerPoint to create our own multimedia presentations. While we can always change the speed of an animation that is part of it, we generate our own slides that are part of it here. How could it be otherwise, since it’s an application that, like the rest of the Office suite, offers us a wide range of options? For those who don’t know, PowerPoint is part of an office suite that includes applications like Word and Excel. However, this is a software solution focused on multimedia presentations.

We have many options when it comes to customizing our presentations with this program, as we have indicated. In this scenario, we are going to focus on the transitions between slides using the corresponding animations. All of this, when applied correctly, gives the project a much more professional or fun look, depending on our goals. This will all depend on our ingenuity or our understanding of the program as a whole.

Use a quick method to change animation speed

The speed of any animation is defined in seconds and parts of seconds, up to hundredths of a second.

  • Select the object on the slide that has been animated — a text box, an image, or a graphic to name a few.
  • Select Animation.
  • In the Duration box, select the up or down arrows next to the speed that is currently set to increase or decrease the speed. The speed changes in quarter-second increments.
  • A screenshot showing Change animation settings in PowerPoint.
  • Alternatively, enter the desired speed in the Duration text box. Animation speed is changed to this new setting.

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