How to Export Apple Card Transactions to Spreadsheet

How to Export Apple Card Transactions to Spreadsheet

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How to Export Apple Card Transactions to Spreadsheet – Guide

The Apple Card is designed to be loaded onto a user’s iPhone with spending history stored in the Wallet app and transaction data stored in a full-color interactive user interface. But consumers who want to analyze their transactions in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for tax or budgeting purposes, a tool offered by many credit card companies, are out of luck. Transactions can only be downloaded in PDF format from stagnant data. Jed Schmidt, a New York-based freelance programmer, found the flaw particularly noticeable in a credit card launched in 2019 by a tech giant in partnership with the big bank Goldman Sachs. So he hacked a fix himself.

Schmidt designed specifically to analyze Apple Card statements and organize the data into a table so consumers can export the information and see their spending. The web application works on phones and desktops. Please note that you cannot export miscellaneous or partial account statements from the Wallet app. You will have to manually enter and export each CSV file and import the data into any type of financial or spreadsheet application you may use.

How to Export your Apple Card transactions to a spreadsheet

  • Start by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone. Use Apple’s built-in Spotlight Search if you can’t find the app on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Then tap your Apple Card in the list of credit and/or debit cards added to the Wallet app.
  • Select the “Card Balance” block which shows your current balance and the amount of credit you have available.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose one of the monthly statements.
  • Now, tap on “Export Transactions” button. Your iPhone will take a few seconds to generate and preview a CSV file.
  • Select the Share icon that resembles a box with a pointing arrow up outside of it, located in the upper-right corner of the window.
  • your iPhone Share The sheet will appear up. Tap the “Save to Files” button button.
  • Choose a location on your device or iCloud Drive where you want to store the document. You can rename the file at this point if you want to make it easier to find later. Select the “Save” option button to finalize your decision.
  • You can now open the CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet, budget or expense report application using the Files application.
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