How to Export Apple iCloud and iPhone Contacts to PC

How to Export Apple iCloud and iPhone Contacts to PC

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How to Export Apple iCloud and iPhone Contacts to PC – Guide

In general, there are two ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer – iCloud and email. If you are a Mac user, you have an additional option – AirDrop. Besides, some professional iOS data transfer tools on the market also do a good job of transferring data. Different methods have their advantages and limitations. Here we present them individually. By the way, all these methods are classified according to the number of contacts they can transfer and their transfer speed.

How do I activate iCloud?

First, you need to enable iCloud on your iPhone or just check if contacts are already synced with iCloud. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top. If you’re using an older version of iOS, you’ll need to scroll down or find your iCloud settings.

Assuming you have the latest version of iOS, after tapping on its name you will see iCloud approximately in the middle of the screen. Tap on it and in the Apps with iCloud section, make sure the option next to Contacts is turned on. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to enable iCloud backup for contacts to sync.

How do I get iPhone contacts on PC?

Then open a web browser on your PC. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID. You may be prompted to enter a verification code (provided by your iPhone) if two-factor authentication is enabled for your account. In that case, tap Allow on your iPhone prompt, enter the code that appears and select “Trust this browser”. You will see all available iCloud apps with contacts second on the left. Click on it and you should see all contacts stored on your iPhone.

That might be all you need, but if you want to copy these contacts to another app or service, you’ll need to export them. To export contacts from iCloud, first click on a contact in the list. Then press Ctrl-A to select all contacts (looks like the screen above). Now click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select Export vCard…

This will open a window where you can choose an application to open the file (like Outlook) or save the file to your hard drive. If you want to import contacts into Outlook, choose this first option. If it is a different service or application that is not listed, save the file.

How to import contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Go to the app or webmail (eg Gmail) you want to copy contacts to and look for an import option. With Gmail, contacts are a little difficult to find on the web version. You need to click on the nine dots icon in the top right corner to view Google Apps and then click on Contacts. The website will open in a new tab and you will need to expand the “More” section to find the import option.

Now choose CSV or Vcard file option, browse to the file you just downloaded from iCloud and your contacts will be added to Gmail. You may also like our guide about how to transfer videos from iPhone to PC.

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