How to Fix ‘Facebook App Not Working on iPhone’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Facebook App Not Working on iPhone’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Facebook App Not Working on iPhone’ Issue – Guide

Facebook loading and malfunctioning was quite common on the iPhone. Several users who faced the problem contacted us through various media and complained about it. Fortunately, it’s something that can be successfully resolved. In that tutorial, we will present possible solutions to help you fix the Facebook crash issue on iPhone and iPad.

Like many other apps, Facebook provides random errors. Most of the time, the symptoms that occur are insignificant and therefore can be neglected. However, when it comes to loading errors, for example if the Facebook app doesn’t load or might load but then crashes, quick fixes are needed.

Exit and restart the app

The first method you should try is to slide up the Facebook app in Apps Preview to close it, then open the app again on your iPhone. Normally, closing the app completely and restarting it works and the app works perfectly.

Check Facebook Update

Applications often stop working because they need to be updated. So you need to make sure you have a up-updated version of the Facebook app on your iPhone. Once the Facebook app has been updated successfully, open it again and check whether it is now working or not.

Turn off / turn on Wi-Fi or Mobile Network

Sometimes, due to a bad internet connection, the Facebook application does not work properly as it is a heavy application that requires a good internet connection. So make sure you have a good Wi-Fi or cellular network and try turning the network on and off several times in your iPhone’s Settings or control center to fix the problem with Facebook Messenger not working with iPhone 6.

Reinstall Facebook

If all of the above mentioned methods don’t resolve the Facebook app issue, now is the time to delete the app from your iPhone and then re-install the app from the App Store. this is the simple trick which resolves application-related issues such as a crash. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

Clear site and history data

If you are accessing Facebook through the Safari or Chrome browser, you should clear the website and history data. Cache that is not removed from the browser for a long period of time creates a lot of problems when accessing websites.

So, to fix the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone, navigate to the “Settings” menu or application and then open “Safari”. After that, tap “Clear history and site data”.

Restart your iPhone

Another much better solution you can try is restarting your iPhone. If the “iPhone Facebook app is not working” issue is due to a software issue, restarting an iPhone may resolve this issue. Below is a guide about how to restart iPhone for each model.

  • For iPhone 6/6s and earlier models: Press and hold the Home and power buttons > release the buttons until the Apple logo appears up.
  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the power button and decrease the volume buttons > release the buttons until the Apple logo appears up.
  • For iPhone 8 (Plus) / X / XS (Max) / XR / 12: Press and release the Volume Up button > Then press and release the volume down button button > Press and hold the side button, release the button until the Apple logo appears up.
  • Update your iOS version

    Updating software doesn’t just bring news features but it also solves many software issues that persist in the previous version. To check for the next software update, open the settings application and then go to “General”. After that, navigate to the “Software Update” menu and install the next update to fix the Facebook iPhone app not working issue.

    Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

    None of the above methods are able to help you out of the problem; The last method you can try is to reset the iPhone. This will delete all data from your iPhone. you should go back up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with this method.

    Open the settings application and go to the “General” option. Then tap “Reset” and finally click “Erase All Content and Settings”. If your device is password protected, it will ask for the password to confirm the reset settings.

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