How to Fix ‘Samsung One UI Home Keeps Stopping’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Samsung One UI Home Keeps Stopping’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Samsung One UI Home Keeps Stopping’ Issue – Guide

Samsung Galaxy series smartphones started receiving the One UI 340 beta update based on Android 12 a few days earlier in South Korea and the UK. After its release, several users reported a large battery drain and phone overheating problems. Continuing with that, Samsung has suspended the beta release until the issues are resolved. The company recently started shipping the One UI 4.0 Beta 2 for Galaxy Phones in your home country and the first beta for Indian consumers.

Uninstall Google Updates on Android

Some users claim that the system UI not working issue can be caused by these updated Google apps. Therefore, you can try to uninstall updates if you encounter this error after updating Google apps.

  • Open Settings> Application manager> select Installed application.
  • Find the Google app and click Uninstall app button. You can restart your Android device to see if it works.
  • System UI issue not responding with simple clicks

    As you may have tried traditional methods before reading this article, we would like to recommend DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit for you. It has a high success rate in solving all Android system related issues. Whenever you have encountered Android system issues like system UI not working, touch screen not working, phone goes black or freezes, gets stuck on the Samsung logo, etc., DroidKit will help you to solve these system problems. Also, here are more reasons why you would like to choose it:

  • Download DroidKit to your computer, open it and go to the Fix System Problems panel.
  • Connect your device and tap Start button.
  • Get a matching code and click Download Now to get the matching firmware. If there is no matching code, put your device into recovery mode first.
  • When the firmware package has downloaded, tap Fix Now button. Then put the device into download mode and click the Next button button Continue.
  • After that, DroidKit will start the repair process. Wait a minute and you will get the system page successfully fixed as below.
  • Clear cache on your Android device

    If your Android device is running 4.2 and above, you can try clearing your Android cache to fix this issue.

  • Go to Settings > Storage & USB > Choose Data in Cache – select and click emup will appear, confirming that you want to clear the cache.
  • Select OK and it can solve your problem easily.
  • Restarting your device in safe mode

    If the above methods didn’t work, you can try restarting your Android device in safe mode. To do this, you need to: Turn off the phone > turn it on and as soon as the brand logo appears > immediately release the power key and press and hold the volume down key button. When you see safe mode in the lower left corner of the screen, release the button.

    Uninstall third-party apps on Android

    If you have downloaded some third party apps of unknown resources, it may make your system UI not work on Android as these third party apps may conflict with your Android system UI and your Android OS will not be able to to grant permission for these applications.

    Reset your Android device to the original configuration

    Sometimes you just need to do a hard reset of your Android device and this can solve the issue of system UI not working on Android. Factory reset of an Android device means erasing all existing data, only under the same conditions in which it was purchased. So you’d better back up your Android data before you start.

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