How to Fix ‘Steam Not Open­ing on Win­dows 10 Error’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Steam Not Open­ing on Win­dows 10 Error’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Steam Not Open­ing on Win­dows 10 Error’ Issue – Guide

According to widely circulated reports, some popular programs no longer work on older versions of Windows 10, including Steam. However, it’s not always Windows’ fault. Other corrupted programs and Steam files can affect your Steam experience. While it can be very frustrating when you can’t open Steam, you don’t have to feel helpless. If you’re having trouble opening Steam, read on to discover several ways to fix Steam issues on Windows 10.

Restart Steam

  • If you’re having trouble opening Steam, make sure you don’t have any unnecessary apps running in the background. To check if an application is running in the background, you simply need to right-click on the task and select ‘Task Manager’ from the menu that appears.
  • Now, you will have to select the ‘Processes’ tab and look for the Steam processes that are listed. After clicking on the Steam processes, you should click on ‘End Task’. After closing the Steam processes from the Task Manager, restart it.
  • restart your computer

  • Restarting the PC solves most problems and may also fix the ‘Steam not open’ error. After successfully restarting the PC, try opening Steam again. If you still cannot open Steam correctly, try another solution.
  • Update Windows

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the Start Menu
  • Select ‘Updates and Security’
  • When you click Update and Security, you will see a message that says ‘Updates available’. You just need to click ‘Download’ button to update your operating system.
  • Restart the router

  • This fix looks very easy and simple, but it worked for a lot of people who were having a ‘Steam won’t open’ issue. You just need to turn off the PC and then turn off the router. After unplugging the router, wait a few minutes before plugging it back in, then turn on the router and PC.
  • test your RAM

  • You simply need to type ‘mdsched’ into the start menu and select ‘Windows Memory Diagnostics’.
  • Clicking on ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’ will open the following window.
  • You will have to select ‘Restart now and check for problems’ (see photo above).
  • This will start checking your memory and restarting. Notably, the process may take a few minutes, but don’t cancel it.
  • Once the process is complete and your PC restarts, you will have to type ‘event’ in the Start Menu and select ‘Event Viewer’.
  • Clicking on ‘Event Viewer’ will open a new window. From there you will have to select Windows Logs and then ‘System. (See photo below).
  • Now you will need to right click on ‘System’ which will open up a new menu. Select ‘Filter current record’. Notably, this option is only available for selection if you have already opened the System folder with a left click.
  • In the Filter Log window, click on the drop-down menu next to ‘Event source’ until you see ‘Memory Diagnostic-Results’. After checking the box, click ok.
  • This will take you back to the Event Viewer, where you will have two ‘Events’ listed in the filtered log. You can get complete information by clicking on each event. If you don’t have any problems with your RAM, go to the next way.
  • If you have found a RAM error, you can only fix it by replacing your RAM sticks. You can test each one, if you prefer, by shutting down the computer and removing all sticks except the one you’re working on. Then you restart your PC and repeat the step from the beginning to here.
  • Repeat this with all sticks and replace the one that had errors with factory-recommended RAM sticks. After successfully replacing all defective RAM sticks, check that the system and compressed memory have returned to normal CPU usage.
  • repair steam

  • There is a built-in fix feature on Steam, making it easier for users to back up the game file. To repair Steam, make sure you have already backed up your game files. To do this you will have to open the Steam installation folder. You can find it simply by typing ‘File Explorer’ in the Start menu.]
  • When you get there, select ‘This PC’ from the menu on the left and choose “Windows C:” on the right. Type “steamapps” into the search bar. Now right click on the ‘steamapps’ folder and copy it to your document file. Now, right click on the “steamapps” folder again, but this time you will have to choose ‘Open File Location. ”
  • Now, all you need to do is download the Steam installer from its official website. When downloaded, when running it for the first time, you will have the option to repair the files. Select this option and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Once the repair is complete, launch Steam. If you are struggling to open Steam, use the next method. If you managed to open Steam but cannot access your saved game data, you will have to copy the “steamapps” folder in “My Documents” back to the Steam folder and replace the file of the same name there.
  • Reinstall Steam

  • If you are sure that no apps are running in the background, you can opt for this fix. After opening the Task Manager, go to the “Processes” tab. Click on a Steam process, then click End Task. If there is no Steam process running, read on.
  • If there is more than one Steam process running in the background, click each process and End Task until all are closed. Now type ‘Steam’ in the Start menu and look for a file called Steam.exe and right click on the file and choose ‘Open file location’.
  • In that folder you will find a file called “steamapps”. You will have to copy this file to the ‘My Documents’ folder by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Copy’. Now open the ‘Control Panel’ where you will see all the applications installed on your PC.
  • You will have to discover Steam and click Uninstall / Change and Confirm to uninstall it from your computer. When uninstalled, restart your PC.
  • Now, visit the official Steam website and reinstall Steam. Once installed, you can access your game save data by copying the “steamapps” folder in “My Documents” back to the Steam folder once Steam is successfully installed.
  • Update your date and time settings

  • Open the Control Panel and select ‘Clock and Region’
  • Now select ‘Date and Time’.
  • Now you will have to select an ‘Internet Time’ tab and click on “Change Settings…”
  • When clicking on ‘Change settings…’, make sure to check the “Synchronize with an Internet time server” option.
  • Now click on ‘Update now’ button. After successfully updating, click OK.
  • Now go back and try opening Steam.
  • Uninstall third-party antivirus

  • If you have disabled Windows Defender but are still having problems accessing the webpage, you will need to uninstall your antivirus software.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Applications’ in the Settings window.
  • Now you will have to find the antivirus software and uninstall it from the applications and Features menu.
  • Now restart your PC and hopefully this will fix the ‘Steam won’t open or connect’ error on your PC.
  • update drivers

  • To access Device Manager, you simply need to press the key and the key simultaneously.
  • Now you will need to double-click on ‘Batteries’, then right-click on Microsoft ACPI- Complaint Control Method Battery and click Properties.
  • When you click on Properties, a window will appear on the screen. Now you will have to click on the ‘Driver’ tab.
  • There you will have to click on ‘Update Driver’ button.
  • Clicking Update Driver will automatically start the search for updated driver software.
  • You can also download and install the latest driver version manually from the manufacturer’s website.
  • After updating the driver, restart your PC and check if Steam is working properly.
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