How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

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How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue – Guide

If YouTube keeps pausing for you, you’re not alone, and this tutorial will help you solve the problem. Many YouTube users have recently noticed that videos from their devices on YouTube frequently stop. We will continue to share some solutions with you to help you fix the ‘YouTube Stops Stopping’ issue on your devices. Most of the time, the application has a large number of caches, which originate from the most recently played movies. A cache is data that tracks your program’s activity.

As you can see, YouTube is one of the most popular and successful programs today. It is used by millions of people of all ages across the world. We can use YouTube to watch, post and download videos, as well as share them with friends and colleagues. However, it is not ideal. When interacting with YouTube software, you may have encountered some issues, just like with any other application.

The most common issue is that the YouTube app keeps crashing and crashing. Several YouTube users have recently stated that when watching a video on YouTube, the stream is fine, but the video stops (may be a random tap). So they rewind the movie and watch it for a few minutes, but the YouTube video continues to pause.

The marketing industry has transformed as a result of YouTube. Millions of marketers have become YouTube influencers and have used video marketing to get their customers’ attention. This method has undoubtedly brought benefits to marketers and influencers around the world. Taking down the YouTube app in a mobile device or on a desktop computer for various causes can cause problems for video creators and consumers.

However, there are a few solutions to YouTube’s persistent crashes issue, some of which we’ll look at below.

What are the problems and how to fix them

Using the old YouTube version

Some users often close the auto-update in their app store. Also, sometimes they are bothersome to update it because entire offline videos will be deleted from your devices. They probably don’t know that this can cause an app to have some issues. Also, they might not have a lot of Internet quota to update it. If this is the query, you should understand what to do next.

If your YouTube is continuously pausing without you touching it, the first thing you can do is view your device’s App Store or Play Store. Check whether your YouTube app is the latest version or not. Otherwise, all that’s left is to update it and download the latest version from Youtube. Don’t forget to make sure your phone have internet quota and enough storage to download it. However, it is sometimes better to delete YouTube videos to resolve the issues.

network interruption

The other difficulty that YouTube usually creates pauses is network disruption. Your Internet connectivity may be in a weak state and taking longer to buffer content. Sometimes this problem may occur not because of your phone problem. The WiFi provider or developer can cause this while they do some updates or add their speed or you should try and set it. up internet connection in home for better internet speed.

YouTube has a standard algorithm when the network is in trouble. They will stop playing the video because it hasn’t been downloaded yet. If this appears to you, you can use a different provider or stay on to get the connection back to normal. All of this, it’s worth spending more money and using the provider you trust because you get a more reliable connection. However, there are several methods by which you can solve Internet problems.

Turn off automatic pause

When you start using the YouTube app, make sure the auto pause feature It’s off. YouTube auto pause is a feature which allows videos to automatically pause during playback. For some reason, people use this feature.

This feature it is essentially used with a facial sensor. The way facial recognition works is when you’re facing your cell phone phone from the front, the sensor captures the highlights of your face and enhances your phone phone experiences how to wake up up The phone, play and pause YouTube videos, etc. The solution to this issue (if you find this to be a problem) is to turn off autopause using the face sensor.

Buffering a bad network connection

When a YouTube video is continuously paused, it’s a sign that your network connection is shaky. Whenever you see the white circle of is playing, you’re sure to know that your video is being buffered. Regular stuttering can be irritating to many. However, there are some selections available to view in trying to figure out the network problem as the second solution.

Clear application cache

You can also try clearing the YouTube app cache as you will and also clearing the storage space on your machine. Having too much cache on your device can make your app run slowly, so of course up o Cache and let the videos play without any pause. Caches just record your movement in the app and are worthless. To remove the YouTube app cache, follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings section of your device.
  • Open the YouTube app from the displayed list of apps.
  • Click on the Storage option and you will see 2 options Clear Cache and Clear Data, just click Clear Cache carefully as pressing Clear Data will make you delete all your downloaded data from YouTube app.
  • Your headset must be the culprit

    It can be inconvenient for you and everyone around you, as your headphones have been raised and all the sound made by the smartphone can be captured. Luckily for you and everyone around you, your device might have a great feature which interrupts the audio of music and videos when the headphones connected to the device are removed from the headphone jack.

    Fortunately, due to this feature, users find a continuous pause and start in their YouTube videos. Why? Conclusively, there are 2 possible root conditions: your headphones or the headphone jack. If you have many pairs of headphones, you can probably check the headphone jack and find the real culprit. Make sure you connect Bluetooth headphones to your device.

    Other Software

    Another chance is that a third-party app on your device conflicts with the YouTube service. It could be a security app that mistakenly recognizes YouTube as a threat, an automatic backup tool trying to download data from the cloud, or a torturous app that manages available bandwidth. If you have different software working in the background while browsing YouTube, close these apps one by one to detect if there is an increase in the smoothness of your video playback.

    Check if YouTube is defective

    Specific technical issues with YouTube can also exhibit this issue when playing videos. You can also visit the YouTube Help Center and browse available articles on general issues with YouTube.

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