How to Open/Find Files Using Command Prompt

How to Open/Find Files Using Command Prompt

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How to Open/Find Files Using Command Prompt – Guide

Have you ever forgotten where you saved a file on your computer or just couldn’t remember part of the name of a file you really wanted to find? You could have avoided some headaches if you’d known how to find and open files (photos, text, videos, music) and folders using command prompt (CMD) in Windows 10. Although under normal circumstances it is a waste of time and energy to use a command line interface to open files and folders , is very useful in certain situations.

The command prompt offers many tricks and gives you access to many Windows features, including many that are not accessible through the graphical user interface. Here we will show you how to use the command prompt to find and open files. Although you can also use Windows File Explorer, the methods described below will help you if you forget the full file name or don’t remember where you saved the file on your computer.

How to Open/find files using command prompt

opening a file

  • Type “Cmd” in Windows search and click on the application in the results to run it.
  • Browse to the location of your file by typing the following in the command prompt window: Users”Username”> cd C:”Users”Username””Location” In this example the “Username” will be User and the “Location” ” will be the workspace.
  • Then enter the name and extension of the file you are trying to open: “Filename.filetype”. In this example, the “Filename” will be the screenshot and the “Filetype” will be .png
  • closing a file

  • The command to close a file is even simpler and follows this syntax: taskkill /im “filename.filetype” /t. The example file type in this command will be “i_view64” and the file type will be “.exe”
  • How to search files

  • At the command prompt, type dir “search term*” /s, but replace the words “search term” with the file name or a part of the name that you remember. In the following screen, we are trying to look for a folder/file titled “Stock Videos”.
  • After pressing Enter, it may seem like nothing is happening for a second or two, but soon all the file paths that mention the correct file or folder will be identified and named. The correct file path can be easily identified by the size of the folder.
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