How to Play PS4 Games on PC with Remote Play

How to Play PS4 Games on PC with Remote Play

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How to Play PS4 Games on PC with Remote Play – Guide

The PS4 has gone through several changes – both hardware and software – but one feature that has remained the same is Remote Play, a feature that lets you play your favorite PS4 games from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. But even though it’s been available on PS4 for some time, few people know about the functionality. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about PS4 Remote Play and how to use it on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or PS Vita. If you’re new to the world of PlayStation and want to know more about what consoles have to offer, take a look at our PS4 vs PS4 Pro comparison and our 4K-ready PS4 Pro review.

The first step to using PS4 Remote Play to access your PS4 from anywhere in the world is to enable remote access to your PS4. To do this, turn on your PS4 and go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings and make sure the “Enable Remote Play” checkbox is checked. Your console must also be set up as your “primary” PS4 for remote access to your favorite games – this isn’t mandatory, but it makes the setup process a lot easier. It’s something many would have enabled during their initial PS4 setup, but in case you haven’t already, head to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Enable as your primary PS4 and select Enable.

How to to define up PS4 remote play

  • On PS4, open Settings and select Remote Play Connection Settings. The box next to Enable Remote Play should be checked.
  • Go back and select Account Management from the list.
  • Select Activate as your primary PS4.
  • Select Activate on the next screen. This tells Sony’s servers that your PS4 will now serve as a host to stream games to any connected device using the same Sony Entertainment Network account.
  • Go back to the main Settings panel and select Power Saving Settings
  • select set Features Available in sleep mode.
  • Check (enable) two settings: Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable PS4 Network Enablement. These settings allow the remote client device to turn on the PS4 while in sleep mode.
  • How to use Remote Play (PS TV and Vita)

    A good rule of thumb is to have the PlayStation 4 connected to the network to reduce latency. You can do the same with the PS TV unit, but the Vita doesn’t have that option.

    However, the handheld has a “direct connect” mode for better connection compared to using the local network. The PS TV unit also provides this feature if you cannot physically connect it to the local network. To enable this connection, do the following on PS4:

  • Open Settings and select Remote Play Connection Settings.
  • On the following screen, check (enable) Connect Directly with PS Vita/PS TV.
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