How to Set Up and Mount ecobee SmartCamera

How to Set Up and Mount ecobee SmartCamera

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How to Set Up and Mount ecobee SmartCamera – Guide

Ecobee SmartCamera is a 1080p Full HD indoor camera camera with an impressive 180-degree field of view, an Alexa smart speaker, a secure HomeKit video camera and an all-in-one security system – an impressive device. It also looks very good, has an innovative and elegant mounting system and works with Ecobee thermostats – being able to use its sensors as additional motion detectors. But are all those bells and whistles enough to justify the $129 price tag in a world where smart cameras are so cheap at $20?

We’ve been living with the Ecobee SmartCamera for half a year, read our full review to find out. The Ecobee SmartCamera meets the right criteria in terms of design. if you want one camera to display on a shelf or entryway table, this looks chic. And since it doubles as an Alexa speaker, you really don’t want to get it out of the way, even though it’s wall-mountable.

It’s a large device, nearly 6 inches with the bracket that it can be placed on or mounted on the wall – smartly with just one screw. The mount offers some tilting capability – but as the camera having digital pan/tilt is not essential, but still useful. Installation is easy, the bracket fits on the back or bottom, and apart from putting a screw in the wall, if you want wall mount, no tools are needed. Then just connect it with the 3m cable and launch the Ecobee app.

ecobee Camera Configuration and Assembly Procedures

If you have already tried Ecobee camera installation but is not successful, you will have to reset the device before another attempt. To reset, just press and hold the mute button button and microphone button on the top of camera. When the wizard asks to reset the device to factory settings, press the microphone button. Once the Ecobee camera resetting to factory settings has been done, you can start the setup process.

How do you make Ecobee smart Camera To set up?

When you want to register your Ecobee smart camera with voice control, initially, you must install the Ecobee app on your mobile device. After the Ecobee app installation is complete, follow the instructions below to camera to set up. Open the Ecobee app on your android or ios device. Then tap on the “plus” symbol. You can see the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the mobile screen.

On the next screen, you will see “which product do you want to add to my home”. You must select the option “Camera” in the list of products you want to control. When selecting your camera, you will be prompted to set up via homekit or another method. If you continue with the homekit, you should scan the code on the back of the smart camera in itself. However, the homekit configuration did not work during testing. You will now be asked to ensure that your Ecobee smart camera is ready to pair or connect. Four LEDs on the front of the camera amber glow, it’s great. Tap the “Good to go” button button in the background. Sometimes these four LED lights glow in another color. If yes, don’t worry. The device will likely complete the setup process despite this.

If you’ve given the name to easily identify, you’ll need to enable a few more settings to get the general functionality.

Window mode:

First, enable windowed mode feature which helps to reduce glare and reflections digitally. So you will get clarity output through your camera. It is especially useful if your smart camera is pointed through a window.

Automatic pilot:

This feature use your phone local to automate your device. If you enable autopilot, your camera lights up when you leave your home and turns off when you arrive.

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