How to Smooth IT-Business Friction

Who loves their IT division? Only 1 out of 10 can have a constructive feeling within the path of the IT buyer assist or service, in accordance to a survey by BMC Software. A whopping 63 p.c have a damaging sentiment, whereas the rest take a impartial perspective.

However, the overwhelming majority of the customers are shaking their heads, as if it is going to have THE means to reply to and resolve technical points in a well timed method. The perceived impression that this has on productiveness, it’s fairly unhealthy, too.

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“I hate having to call the help desk at work, a survey respondent wrote. They are not only useless, but the guys have been doing some of the excessive breathing into the phone.

The BMC has had a couple of things that are both end-users and IT professionals to be able to do that in order to reduce the friction. End-users will be able to have a “take your techie to lunch day,” when THE implementation of a digital ticketing system that drives accountability.

A possible solution to the problem is gaining steam for the last time, which is the company’s Genius Bar. Companies such as SAP are taking a page out of Apple’s hands-on, customer-friendly approach to the resolution of technical issues. This trend is in the early stages of an enterprise Genius Bar and have the potential to change the odd couple’s relationship is dramatic.

Here is the END of the infographic, the friction between IT and the business.

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