How to speed up your Apple Watch if your Apple Watch Too Slow?

Apple Watch now has three generations and it is one for the Best accessories for your iPhone (just behind the AirPods). Apple Watch is ideal for managing notifications, displaying information at a glance and following training. We are now at the 4th version of watchOS. The first two versions of watchOS were rather rough.

If you have one of the first-generation Apple Watch models, you may experience delays, delays, and an endless number of times when you open the Workouts app and try to use Siri. Although this is largely due to the slowness of early Apple hardware, you can change the watchOS settings to improve performance and speed up your Apple Watch. Powered by more capable watchOS 4, Apple Watch 3 works smoother than its predecessors. However, like the iPhone or any other technology, the smartwatch must be efficiently managed to continue the task with the desired flair. Therefore, the portable device can become extremely slow if it does not receive the required care. Have you found yourself on the wrong side of the stream? Give these effective tips a chance to accelerate your Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch becomes a second nature after several months. It is at the point that I feel something is missing if I do not hold my wrist in the morning before I start working on my day.

Tips for speeding up your Apple Watch

Close apps from Dock

Do not keep too many apps open in the dock

When I was done, I used an application, I made sure I left it by leaving apps in the background, not only to empty the battery, but also to slow the device down. It worked for me to keep the navigation performance of the portable device intact for a long time. It may be a very small thing, but believe me, this can play a big part in providing a little respite on your device.

To force an application to close on your watch, press once. Access to the Dock. Then you must slide to the left on an app and press the X button to kill it.

 Force leaving an app on Apple Watch

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Reduce the movement

This is the simplest thing you can do to drastically improve Apple Watch performance (or at least the illusion of slowness).

Just like with iOS, you can reduce animations on Apple Watch. This requires fewer resources on your Apple Watch and speeds up interactions. If you look like me and the Workouts app is extremely slow on Apple Watch, try activating the Reduce Motion option.

To do this, tap on the Apple Watch digital crown to access the app’s home screen. From the re, tap the settings icon and select Accessibility. Select the reduce movement option and enable the function.

Now that you’re watching Apple Watch, you’ll see that the animations for the watch face and applications have disappeared. Instead of zooming, you see a simple, much faster and less resource-intensive fade transition.

Reduce movement of the Watch app

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, select the My Pictures button, select General -> Accessibility -> reduce movement and enable the function.

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Turn off Auto App Install

By default, iOS automatically installs the Apple Watch partner of all apps that you install on your iPhone. If you look like us and you try many iOS apps, it means that your Apple Watch is full of useless apps. Apps that take up space and slow down your Apple Watch.

Open the Watch app, go to the My Watch tab, tap General, and turn off the Automatic App Install feature.

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Remove unwanted apps from Apple Watch

Now that you have disabled the automatic install feature, it is time to delete all unnecessary applications that you never use.

  1. Tap your Apple Watch digital crown once to open the start screen.
  2. Hold down an icon until the applications start to run. You are now in edit mode.
  3. Swipe to a third-party application. It will be the one who will be small X in the upper left corner.
  4. Tap the app icon you want to delete, and then tap Delete app to confirm.

If you have a lot of applications on your Apple Watch, it can be a little annoying. Fortunately, you can also do it from the Watch app on your iPhone!

Open the Watch app, go to the My watch tab and swipe down. You see a label Installed on Apple Watch. You will find below a list of all applications installed on your Apple Watch. Tap an app and next to App view, tap Apple Watch. Within a minute or two the application will be removed from your Apple Watch.

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Remove Apple Music Playlists

If you use watchOS 4 and have enabled the default sync settings with Apple Music, Apple Watch regularly synchronizes at least one playlist with your iPhone. But you could synchronize much more. Apple Music playlists on Apple Watch are useful, but they take up a lot of space. Apple Watch only has about 3 GB of available space.

Open the View the app, go to the My watch tab, swipe down and tap Music. Turn off playlists from there that you no longer want to sync. For me, iOS constantly synchronized 4 playlists with Apple Watch.

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Restart Apple Watch

Sometimes a simple reboot does a lot. It can handle malicious applications, RAM, cache and more erase. Press and hold the digital crown until you see the flow menu. Then slide to turn off the Apple Watch. Press the digital crown again to turn on the Apple Watch.

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Update Apple Watch software

You may be using an older version of the watchOS operating system. watchOS has been improved with version 3. If you are using an older version, it is time to update it. New releases also support software errors that can cause delays.

Conventional wisdom says you should not update to the latest software on an older device. But staying with old software, especially on Apple Watch, will hurt you more.

Open the Watch app, go to the My Watch tab and select General -> Software update and update the latest available software.

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Disable app renewal background

Just like on iOS, Background App Refresh uses a lot of your battery and processor. This is great for up-to-date information, but if you have an old Apple Watch (like the original one) that you only use for certain things, your Actual App Application will unnecessarily refresh your resources.

Open the Watch app, go to My watch tab, open the General section and select app renewal in the background. From there you can disable or disable the function per application.

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Short guide: speed up your Apple Watch

Best Two ways to speed up your Apple Watch

  1. You can go to two places to disable these beautiful but useless animations.
  2. On your iPhone: Go to the Apple Watch app, then tap My watch, then tap General. Then tap Accessibility to find the toggle switch to reduce movement.
  3. Turn this setting ON and your Apple Watch responds faster when you start or switch applications.

On your Apple Watch: you can do the same thing on your mobile. Start the Settings app of your Watch with one click, then tap General and then click Accessibility. Press Shrink Down again and switch to ON.
It also speeds up your Apple Watch just like on your iPhone.

If all else fails, restart your Apple Watch

If things still seem a bit funky, try restarting Apple Watch. Simultaneously hold down the Digital Crown and Side buttons and release them after about 10 seconds. Your Apple Watch will be restarted; This can solve all the strange problems that you encountered.