How to switch from iOS to Android with Google Drive

How to switch from iOS to Android with Google Drive

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How to switch from iOS to Android with Google Drive – Guide

Never mind the new Android phone you bought or plan to buy, you need a way to transfer your apps, contacts, photos and files from iOS to Android. No matter how long you’ve owned an iPhone, chances are you’re pretty much involved in the Apple ecosystem. Many mobile The apps are cloud-based and dual-compatible, so you can use them on Android without interruption. In other cases, you must actively transfer data. Switching from iOS to Android isn’t as difficult as you’d expect, but it may require some preparation on your part to make it all go smoothly. It’s also easier if you give your device a little spring cleaning before you move in.

While contacts are backed up automatically up to Google Contacts, events are added to Google Calendar and photos and videos are copied up for Google Photos. Google has also released a full page that essentially helps iPhone users make the switch. Smoothing the process of migrating from one platform to another is obviously a crucial part of Apple and Google’s strategy to steal consumers from their competitors, and that feature it’s essentially a response to Apple’s Android app that helps you do the opposite. The good thing is that Google has already made it easy to switch from iOS to Android with a new tool.

How to Switch from iOS to Android with Google Drive

  • First up, install Google Drive on your iPhone. If you already have the app, just update the app to the latest version.
  • Open the app and simply go to Menu >> Settings >> Backup. From there, you’ll have the option to sync contacts, calendar events, and photos and videos.
  • Then just tap Start Backup and watch the data being saved. Make sure not to close or exit the app or switch to another app when all your data is being transferred. This will stop automatic syncing.
  • Before you go back up make sure you phone is on a WiFi network. Depending on the amount of data to be sent to the Drive, a backup can take a few hours. Also, leave Google Drive open and the screen should stay on, so disable any lock screen feature before doing this.
  • Google also recommends that if you go back up multiple times, only some photos will be supported up. When the Google Drive backup is complete, those who log into their Google account on a new Android device will see that their uploaded data is automatically synced.
  • Google also highlights that users can port their Apple iTunes library to Google Play Music for free. Users first need to sync their iPhone or iPad with iTunes on their computer and all songs need to be copied up on your computer when this is done.
  • After that, install Google Play Music Manager on your computer and it will upload your iTunes music to the cloud. Users can then complete the setup up your Google Play account by creating a Google Wallet account. However, Google Play Music in India still doesn’t have a monthly subscription plan like Apple Music.
  • To transfer contacts from iCloud, you can go to, log in with your Apple ID and click Contacts. Make sure that on your iPhone, iCloud backup for contacts is turned on in the settings.
  • Click the settings wheel at the bottom of the webpage and click “Select All” and then choose the “Export vCard” option. Do this in a browser like Safari, not Chrome. Then go to Gmail, open Contacts tab, click Import and choose vCard file.
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