How to switch from iPhone to Android in 4 easy steps, courtesy of Google’s chairman

The thought of giving your iPhone the outdated heave-ho and defecting to the Android Army this season? Google chairman Eric Schmidt needs to help-and no, I’m not speaking about the jaw-droppingly low $350 off-contract the value is on the excessive finish Nexus 5. Over the weekend, Schmidt made “Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone” on Google+.

More than only a advertising message (despite the fact that there may be it’s loads of speak alongside the traces of “80% of the world, but in the latest surveys, agrees on Android”), together with the Guide is an in depth, 900-plus-word, step-by-step files to the nuts-and-bolts of the transition of Apple’s handset is an efficient 1 for Android. Serious: Schmidt talks about how to sync pictures utilizing iTunes, the shuffle of the contacts, and you can too get the main points across the switch of the SIM card.

If you do bounce ship, Schmidt’s submit is a very nice tutorial, the painful self-promotion bit, with all of them.

Why would anybody contemplate dumping the iPhone 5s for an HTC 1 or Galaxy S4, you ask? The outdated Apple aficionado Andy Ihnatko handled this query for TechHive earlier this yr, in an in depth, 3-part sequence masking crucial benefits and the disadvantages of making the switch. We won’t depart you hanging at Schmidt’s, sq. 1, though, TechHive, you may use the most effective widgets (and a killer Android function!), the motion of the games, and to-do apps, app for starters is a good Android unique!), e mail, apps and more in our full Android cash.

But wait! If you’re contemplating a commerce in the other way, TechHive additionally has the counterpart to Schmidt’s screed: How to migrate from Android to iPhone.