How to Use Picture as Background in PowerPoint

How to Use Picture as Background in PowerPoint

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How to Use Picture as Background in PowerPoint – Guide

These types of effects in your presentations can add that elusive wow factor to your slides. Instead of boring text and even the colorful background or shape behind the text, you can enhance things with a custom image as your text background. This might be new to most people who are used to seeing the usual mix of text and graphics on slides. Microsoft PowerPoint, often just called PowerPoint, is a software program developed by Microsoft for creating effective presentations. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The program includes slides and various tools such as word processing, drawing, graphics and outlines. So you can display text, table, diagram, graphics and media on the slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional-grade presentation program that allows the user to create a “presentation slide” that can be viewed on the computer screen through a projector connected to the computer. There are three main functions of the Microsoft PowerPoint window that you need to focus on while learning PowerPoint.

Add image as text background in PowerPoint

The first thing you need to do is pull up the presentation where you want to make that PowerPoint”trick.” Or it could be a new presentation and you can add your content as you go.

Once you have a blank slide up, just add the text you like. It can be a word or a short phrase. The important thing is that it is relevant to your topic or embodies the message you want to convey. Once you’ve typed your text, enlarge it enough so that it stands out in front of your target audience. Just make sure you have enough space for your background image later.

Add an image using the shape fill effect

Remember to choose a short text, either a word or a phrase. The more concise, the greater the impact. Just make sure it’s relevant and compelling. Now, select the text to highlight it. Then go to Format on the Ribbon -> Shape Fill -> Image. After selecting the Image option, your dialog box will be filled.

You can select your images from a file on your computer, a file from your OneDrive, or search the web through a search engine like Bing. After selecting the desired background image, simply select the Insert button button at the bottom of the dialog box. Now the image is added as the background of your text. You can adjust the image by resizing its text. You can also change the font.

Make sure your text remains clear and readable

There is also a tricky part to note. Because you’ve added an image background to your text, the text itself may not be visible. Readability is important in PowerPoint presentations. Your audience needs to clearly see what your message is. For this reason, when inserting your background image, you will also need to adjust your text.

You may need to change your font. You can also change the font color to make it stand out from the background. If the background of your text is messy, you’ll need to keep your font simple, usually Arial and other sans serif fonts will do. If your background is abstract or plain, you can play around with your font styles and even add text effects as long as your text remains readable.

Text with image backgrounds is great for presentation titles, slide headers, image captions, and for highlighting your main point. You can even add animation to make your slides more attractive.

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