Mylikes review

Mylikes review

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Mylikes Service is down now, Down Forever? The site has been unreachable for more than 150 days. If the site is live or if you have further information about the site status, please comment below…Or read this new guide about How To Make Money Online: 12 Ideas To Get You Started

What’s MyLikes?

My-Likes is a social advertising platform that allows users to share advertiser content via Twitter, YouTube, and blogs and make money on a per-click basis. Advertisers can describe their product, select a maximum cost-per-click, and have the site’s community of users who promote them via “sponsored links”. Read Also: 10 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker

Here’s a quick Mylikes review

Several Months Ago, I ran across a good way to earn somewhat more cash AND at the similar time provide to my social media followers that they might love.  Sounds like a win/win, right?  It positively is.  The affiliate program is called MyLikes, and I’ve earned nearly $1900.23 using it.  One for the Best half (well, apart from the money), is that MyLikes is very easy to set-up and use.

Note. I regularly updated this article with my new earning reports, So please bookmark it. If you use mylikes network for earn money online.

MyLikes is a new Advertising Network. Again, Overall advertising networks, some are usually scams. But mylikes is not a Scam.

How do I do know it’s not a scam? Well here’s why:

1. I’ve personally received payment from MyLikes. Thus far I’ve made $1900.23 from MyLikes ads, from my followers, clicking on the promoting links.

Note. For those who think that mylikes network is a scam and not working check my earning report below in a screenshot of my last week earning.

mylikes payment recieved


2. The company MyLikes is founded by two ex-Googlers, the former recent lead for AdSense, Arvind Sundararajan and his wife Bindu Reddy, the former head lead product management for Google Apps. That’s right why I told you their names. Because You could knock on, their door demanding your money. If they scam.

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3. Disclosed are compulsory. MyLikes won’t be an organization that the FTC shall be intend anything soon for its non-compliance with its rules.

But There are several things concerning the MyLikes set-up which might be a bit complicated, but hopefully, I can help clarify them a bit.

Your custom website and URL (domain name)

After Login In for MyLikes account, you will enter your personal info including a username inside Your account setting.  When MyLikes creates the name to your MyLikes website, this username shall be a part of the URL, so select your username correctly!  I might not suggest utilizing your name and would recommend using something that conveys the type of content your MyLikes site will showcase.

As an example, you use “funny post” as your username.  That username will probably be mixed with a few of MyLikes reserved domain names like,, and plenty of others.  So that your custom website deal with can be: or

There are many issues with these custom domains:

  1. They appear spam in lots of cases.  This can trigger people not to want to click on your links and content.
  2. As a result, of these domains are shared by thousands of other people, they usually get flagged as spam on Facebook and Pinterest, making your content unshareable.  Not a thing.
  3. Because you’re using their domain name, if you wish to move your site to another platform, you possibly can’t.

Instead of using their domain names, I’d suggest getting your private domain name and using it.  Having your personal domain name solves all three issues above.

Tip: Mylikes also give you a free custom domain when you first earn $100 from your mylikes account.

Personal: When I reach $100 money in my mylikes account, I bought domain which I get free of cost from mylikes.

Note. Before reaching $100 you can also use your custom domain which you can buy from any registrar like in case you don’t want to use mylikes custom domain.


MyLikes gives some fee capabilities through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and wire transfers.  The fastest and easiest way, use PayPal.  Using PayPal, you’ll get paid weekly in case your amount due is greater than $20.  MyLikes pays out each Friday afternoon, and the cut-off for the amount due is 48 hours prior. When you earn money and do not meet the $20.00 minimum, you’ll receive a credit to your account, and you will get paid as soon as your whole credit amount exceeds $20.00.

Amazon gift cards pay out weekly, similar to PayPal payments.  Wire transfers have a $50.00 minimum and only pay out month-to-month.

Next| Sign Up With Mylikes ⇓

Steps For Sign Up Mylikes 

1. Sign up for MyLikes

Sign up for MyLikes.  By creating an account or signing in along with your Twitter account.

Note. Join as a PUBLISHERS

2.  Sign-In Your Account

After you have registered your account via email or a social network now’s the time to sign into your account to see what it has for you. In case you have signed-in with your email account, then you will have to add or link your Twitter account to it.

3.   Connect Twitter Accounts

A necessary step that you shouldn’t neglect while finishing your profile now is time to adding the Twitter account to your Mylikes account. All you must do is to click on “Account” tab, and there you will see a drop down menu. There would be many choices, and you’ll have to select the “Setting” choice. With this feature, you may join your Twitter accounts.

4.  Share Mylikes campaign

Click on the “Share” button next to a campaign inside the “Home” tab. And next, click on get link. Now on Next pop-up, You’ll be able to share it directly on Facebook and Twitter

5. Share Link On Social Media

And Next Select the checkbox “Get Link” Now on next PopUp share the ad with similar to Twitter and Facebook. Or copy the link and share it where you want.

This post includes Mylikes review and How to earn money with my likes. If Ever Mylikes Network scam you. Please inform us via Comment in Box.

We hope you enjoy the article ‘Mylikes review – How to Earn Money Online with Mylikes Network’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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