5 Universal Remote Control Apps That Can Control Almost Anything, Even Your AC

In today’s world, more and more people are throwing away those old universal remote controls and opting to control their entire house from their smartphone. Yes, you heard me right! Your entire home can be monitored by a single app on your smartphone, granted that you have appliances that are now connected to the Internet. And yes, this even includes your air conditioning unit! With the last AC unit technology and programmable thermostats, everything about the air quality and temperature in your home can be controlled with the touch of a button. Read down below to learn about the top apps that can control nearly everything in your home!

List of 5 Universal Remote Control Apps

1. Dijit

Dijit is your one-stop shop of curating your entire television viewing experience to your tastes. You will be able to create your very own docket of your favorite shows and channels, find out about new shoes, and get recommendations you’re your social networks. And thanks to the latest technology, that’s not all! You will be able to control your TV right from your smartphone as a universal remote. You will have to purchase the hardware separately, but the app is free!

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2. Irule

iRule is a combination of both software on your smartphone and hardware that lets you control a ton of your home’s devices. This is done over Wi-Fi, which connects your smartphone to all of your Wi-Fi connected devices throughout your home, including your air conditioner unit. You will be able to create customized menus and layouts that make it easy for you to control whatever you want to in your home. Want to turn up your thermostat for your indoor air conditioner? Done. Want to make sure your coffee maker is running at a particular time in the morning? Easy! Just make sure that you have devices that can connect to your home’s WiFi network if you want this universal remote to work.

3. Redeye

This next app is one that works similarly to the Dijit – your smartphone’s signals are translated to work with the other devices in your home. However, the biggest difference comes when you take into account what RedEye can be used on. You can use it on your iPad, iPhone, Android, your PCs, or even your Kindle! This means that you’re never going to have to worry about how you can control your home if you have your iPad with you, rather than your iPhone. You can have the app on your major electronic devices, and you’ll be ready to take control whenever you need to.

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4. Re

This next app is one that’s cool. You have a simple piece of hardware that connects right to your iPhone that allows it to work with the devices in your home. You will have a new remote control in front of you that’s capable of turning off, turning on, and customizing the devices in your home that are connected to your WiFi network. Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS at the moment. So hard luck for the Android Users.

5. Zmart

This is another one of those systems that connects directly into your iPhone, much like the previous item on the list. The good news with this device is that it can connect to both iPhones and Androids! Much like the other device, you will have no problem in connecting to all of your devices in your home.

Each of these apps is going to make your life so much easier. You will finally be able to control your entire home right from the comfort of your smartphone! How great does that sound?

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