Apple MacBook 12-inch Review (2016)

Apple Macbook 12-inch

It’s best to consider the Apple MacBook 12-inch 2016 as a Super MacBook. Just like the evolution from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s, Apple didn’t revamp the design for its ultraslim 2-pound laptop. As a substitute, the corporate targeted totally on internal upgrades for the 12-inch MacBook ($1,299 to begin; $1,599 as configured). These enhancements embrace a more highly effective 6th-generation Core M processor, quicker flash storage and an extra hour of battery life. That is a more capable sequel for positive. For this sort of cash, although, I wished more — specifically, an additional USB Type-C port and different enhancements.

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Apple MacBook 12-inch -Specifications

Processor 1.2-GHz Core m5
Storage 512 GB SSD
Display 12-inch, 2304 x 1440 pixels resolution
Operating System OS X El Capitan
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 515
Dimensions 11.04 x 7.74 x 0.14-0.52 inches/ 2.03 pounds



Apple MacBook 12-inch

The Apple MacBook 12-inch stays a lovely piece, made from sturdy aluminum and measuring just 0.5 inches thick. Apple also added a new rose-gold color option to the combo, which I examined, to associate with space gray, gold, and silver. What I like most in regards to the MacBook is that I can use it while commuting or flying and nonetheless have loads of room to work when the person in front of me reclines. It’s also so light that I would generally overlook whether or not the notebook was in my backpack.

The Apple MacBook 12-inch excessive minimalism could also be a promoting point, however, the lone USB Type-C port continues to be a downside for me. If I wish to plug in the laptop’s power cable and connect an external display, like the iPhone, at the same time, then I need to attach the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter which will cost you another $79. The adapter has a power port, USB 3.0 port, and HDMI port. Apple sells different adapters, a $25 USB-C-to-Lightning cable (for iPhones and iPads) and a $19 USB-C-to-USB cable (for cameras and other USB devices).

Keyboard and Trackpad

To attain the MacBook’s razor-thin profile, the Apple MacBook 12-inch sports a flat keyboard that uses a distinctive butterfly mechanism. The keys have very little travel, 0.5 millimeters to be exact. That’s half of what the MacBook Air offers (1 mm). It is also shallower than the keys on the Vaio Z (1.04 mm) and the XPS 13 (1.2 mm). The MacBook’s keyboard isn’t comfy, however, I discovered it completely usable.

I’m fairly amazed by how the MacBook’s giant, 4.4 x 2.7-inch Force Touch trackpad tricks your mind into pondering that it’s physically clicking down whenever you press it. It’s not. As an alternative, the pad makes use of a Taptic Engine to deliver haptic suggestions. It worked brilliantly as I clicked on hyperlinks, opened apps and chosen textual content. Force Click function helps you to save time by deep pressing on items. For example, you may search for the definition of a word by Force Clicking it, or you may preview a web page or preview an address in Maps with a deep press.


Apple MacBook 12-inch

The Apple MacBook 12-inch, as the name suggests sports a 12-inch display is so sharp and colorful that it makes me wish to throw out my MacBook Air. The laptop has a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels, which blows away the Air’s low-res 1400 x 900 panel. Registering 327 nits brightness, the MacBook’s screen is in between the brightness levels of the touch-screen version of the Dell XPS 13 (336 nits) and the non-touch XPS 13 (318 nits). It is also much better than the Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon (292 nits for 1080 x 1920 resolution and  257 nits for 2560 x 1440 resolution). Apple’s display is also fairly color correct.

Graphics and Audio

Apple MacBook 12-inch

The built-in Intel 515 graphics in the Apple MacBook 12-inch will probably be fine for modifying pictures and playing some light Mac video games, such as Rayman Origins, however, don’t count on more than that.

MacBook’s audio quality is superb, considering its skinny profile. When I streamed Chainsmoker’s “Closer,” the pulsating drums meshed effectively with the vocals, and the speaker (positioned above the keyboard) produced loud volume without any distortion. The ominous horns in the Rogue One trailer, in addition to the piercing laser cannon fire from thudding AT-ATs, came through clearly.

Hardware and Performance

Apple MacBook 12-inch

The most important modifications to the 2016 Apple MacBook 12-inch are its inside components, which embrace a 6th-generation Core M processor, 8GB of RAM and quicker flash storage (256GB or 512GB). You may have your alternative of a 1.1-GHz Core m3 or 1.2-GHz Core m5 CPU, and we examined the latter chip. I discovered this machine more responsive than its predecessor when opening apps and switching between more than 10 tabs in Google Chrome.

The Core m5-powered Apple MacBook 12-inch scored 5,906 on the Geekbench 3 benchmark. Now, that is better than last year’s MacBook (4,631) and also beats the latest 13-inch, Core i5-powered MacBook Air (5,783), although the latter system has an older 5th-generation Core Series CPU.

Apple MacBook 12-inch

The updated MacBook also gets advantage from faster PCIe-based flash storage. On the file-transfer check, MacBook notched 355.9 MBps. Neither the touch or the non-touch model of the XPS 13 crossed 250 MBps. Though, both the Lenovo’s X1 Carbon and the Sony’s Vaio Z managed 419 MBps with their PCIe drives.

The MacBook registered pretty cool temps after we streamed YouTube video for 15 minutes, but it surely ran warm on the underside of the system. The touchpad and the area between the G and H keys stayed beneath 95-degree consolation threshold, at 84 and 90 degrees, respectively.

Battery Life

Apple MacBook 12-inch

Apple guarantees as much as 10 hours of battery life on the new Apple MacBook 12-inch when browsing the web, and it obtained near that mark. After the battery test, which includes steady web browsing at 100 nits of screen brightness, the MacBook lasted for healthy 9 hours and 38 minutes. Now, that’s about an hour more than previous MacBook. The MacBook also beats touch-screen model of the XPS 13 (8:08) however was nicely behind the non-touch version (11:54). Coming to the Vaio Z and X1 Carbon, both lasted 9:04 and 9:06, respectively. But, the 13-inch MacBook Air lasted an astounding 14:40 and is The Best till date.

Configuration Option

Apple provides two configurations of the 12-inch MacBook. The base model will cost you $1,299  and comes with a Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage. Pay $1,599, and you will get a faster Core m5 CPU and double the storage. I’d go for the pricier config, because if you are going to spend this much on a laptop, it must be as highly effective as possible.


Apple MacBook 12-inch

The 2016 Apple MacBook 12-inch is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. It’s considerably faster, particularly if you happen to go for the Core m5 model, and it also lasts an hour longer on a charge, all while being extraordinarily portable. I also continue to like the Retina display and don’t actually mind the flat butterfly keyboard. However, for this sort of cash, I would love to plug in a power cable and a second device sans a dongle.

But for those who don’t consider attaching other devices, for them, the MacBook is surely a dream machine. It’s tailored for frequent vacationers or hall warriors always bouncing from assembly to assembly. But it surely’s too expensive for many students. For them, I’d suggest the 13-inch MacBook Air or the Dell XPS 13 or the Asus ZenBook UX305.

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