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What is Google?

Google is a multinational, publicly-traded group built around the company’s massively well-liked search engine. Google’s other enterprises include Web analytics, cloud computing, promoting technologies, and Web app, browser, and operating system development. On this, if you want to know anything like the latest smartphone, latest car and so on every latest regarding the whole world you can get that news on Google, and Google has their own browser Google Chrome, So for you here, we present the Google wiki.

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History Of Google

Google’s comes in the mind of two graduate students in 1995, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, met at Stanford College. In 1996, Brin and Web page collaborated on a research mission that was to grow finally to be the Google search engine. BackRub, because it was known as then (because of its analysis of backlinks), stirred up interest in the university research group, but didn’t garner any offers from the most important portal vendors. Those were early days regarding mass searching of the Internet; one of many CEOs who turned them away mentioned that users don’t care about search skills. Undaunted, the founders scrounged up sufficient funding to get began, and in September of 1998 started operations started the office in Menlo Park, California. In December of that same year, PC Journal listed Google as considered one of its Top 100 Web Sites and also Search Engines for 1998.

Google was chosen for its resemblance to the word googol — a quantity consisting of a numeral one followed by a hundred zeroes — as a reference to the huge amount of data in the world. Google’s have a good mission: “to organize the world’s information and want to provide to everyone in all over world

Some Products and Services Provide By Google

Products is also a part of Google wiki. In present Google have their many products and different – different categories so before seeing the products you should know about the category.

  • Operating systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Hardware
  • Services

Operating System

  • Android – An operating system ‘Android’ which is used in our smartphones or tablets.
  • Google TV – While using Google TV you can see any movie or serial which you want to be watched
  • Android Wear – An operating system designed for smartwatches
  • Android TV – A version of Android TV similar to Google TV

 OS (Operating System) are the most important part of Google. Google has various type of operating system but these are some Operating system which is very popular

Desktop applications

  • Google Chrome – Google Chrome is the web browser which is mainly used for searching which supports all Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows XP, Linux, etc.
  • Google Web Designer – This used for run multiple devices and supports in Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Google Drive – This is the application in which your all drive will save in a Google drive.
  • Google Photos Backup – Goggle backup your all images and videos in an account know as Google Photos.

So Same as Operating System Google also have many types of Desktop applications but these are some applications which are good

Mobile applications

  • Google Maps – Google Map gives you the map of the whole world through which you can easily go anywhere by following Google map if you have a good GPS connection.
  • Drive- Drive works same as Google drive work in desktop application, it will save your all files in the drive section.
  •  Gmail – Gmail is a mailing account by using Gmail you can create your account which you can use if you want to send some emails to anyone in the world.
  •  YouTube – YouTube is server on which you will find many types of video like movies, Trailers, Video songs, etc.,  

Google have lot of Mobile applications but these are those apps which are mostly used by everyone in their smartphone


  • Nexus 4 – Manufacture by LG and have Android version 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Nexus 6 – Manufacture by Motorola and have Android version 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Google TV – A TV which is designed and manufactured by Google.
  • Google driverless car – An amazing car with superb technology designed and manufactured by Google.

Most famous Hardware manufacture by Google


  • Google Cloud Platform – This is service which is based on software development.
  • Google Ideas – This app gives you many types of an idea as per your search or as per your activities.
  • Google Person Finder – This is an open source network which helps people reconnect with others.
  • Google Public DNS – This is an open DNS server which is run by Google

Hope Now You Know All About ‘Google Wiki’ Stay tuned for more updates related To Google