Reviews » Jira review 2023: a powerful tool

Jira review 2023: a powerful tool

a wonderful and potent tool for keeping tabs on all of our initiatives

by Charles Anders & Edmund Blake
4 minutes read
Jira review

Jira is a software development team-specific and reasonably priced project management solution. Its target audience is teams working on software. In this assessment of Jira, we will assist you in determining whether or not it is too specialized for your group and whether or not the cost of the tool makes it worthwhile to struggle through all of the jargon.

Jira is one of the most well-known project management tools available, and it is particularly useful for agile teams (it is an excellent agile tool). Jira is a project management tool that was created by Atlassian, the same company that is responsible for another one of our favourite programs called Trello. Jira includes a vast variety of features, the most of which are aimed at programmers. Continue reading our evaluation of Jira to learn how it stacks up against the other products on the market.

Jira Specifications

Jira is an inexpensive project management application designed specifically for software development groups. In this Jira review, we’ll help you decide if this technology is too specialized for your group.

Product NameJira
DeploymentCloud, Self-hosted
Integration TypesWide range of third-party integrations
FeaturesProject management, issue tracking, agile planning, reporting
CollaborationSlack, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, HipChat, Google Drive
Development ToolsBitbucket, GitHub, GitLab
Testing ToolsTestRail, Zephyr for Jira, qTest


Jira review

Jira’s intuitive interface makes it suitable for users of all skill levels. You may rapidly navigate from the board to the function to the code thanks to the intuitive layout. In particular, its tutorials shine, as they may help anyone unfamiliar with project management (or working in software teams) get up and running in a matter of minutes.

The bad news is that there is a lot of language involved. Quite a bit. Jargon. Here at Cloudwards, we’ve reviewed a lot of different tools for managing projects, and Jira is by far the poorest of the bunch. There is no other program that use as many buzzwords, most of which are exclusive to Jira and none of which have any real meaning. You can visit its official website

Jira: Software

Managing projects has never been simpler than with this problem tracking and project management tool. Most individuals who refer to “Jira” are referring to “Jira Software,” even if there are other products that use the name. Once again, agile software development teams are the target audience for this product. So that everyone is on the same page, it aids agile teams in planning sprints, dividing up tasks, and prioritizing work.

Most team members will focus their attention on the Kanban and scrum boards. However, problem-tracking capabilities are expected to come in second. Software release management is simplified for development teams with Jira. As a reporting tool, Jira is highly regarded among project managers because of its transparency and flexibility.

Jira: Performance

Jira review

Jira is an effective tool for managing projects, and its many connectors make teamwork and workflow management much simpler. Integrations with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Confluence make it simple for groups to coordinate and collaborate. Integrating with popular VCSs like Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab is useful for developers since it streamlines the process of managing source code.

Jira allows for easy team collaboration because it is compatible with other project management platforms. The integration of testing technologies like TestRail and Zephyr for Jira improves quality control procedures. Integrations with Jenkins, Bamboo, and other systems for continuous integration and continuous delivery allow for the creation of automated build and deployment channels. Jira’s effectiveness as a full-featured project management tool is enhanced by its extensive ecosystem of integrations.

Final Words

we’re big fans of Jira. Since our last evaluation, the software has undergone significant changes; now, it’s a sophisticated, straightforward program that other companies would do well to emulate. Despite some of its flaws, it is a terrific tool for software developers, and we recommend that you test it out first.

Jira’s flaws are a bit too much of a stretch, though, if you’re not in the software development industry. The lack of in-built overview is a serious shortcoming for most businesses.

Jira review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Seamless integration.
  2. Generous free plan.

The Bad

  1. Complex for new users

Questions and Answers

How do I raise a review in Jira?

In the ‘Activity’ menu, select the ‘Source’ option. Alternately, you can create a new review for the selected changeset by clicking the Create review button. To have all the commits related to the Jira problem be reviewed together, select Create review for all commits.

How do I review a backlog in Jira?

Go to the Software project that your group is working on. Backlog can be found on the project’s sidebar. Move items that need to be worked on from the Backlog list to the Board list (if you use the Kanban method of work) or to the team’s current sprint list (if you use the Sprints feature of Scrum).

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