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What’s MagicJack

MagicJack Reviews: MagicJack is an incredibly cheap VoIP provider that works by utilizing your existing Internet connection to make and receive calls. magicJack gives a plug-and-play device that you can connect to your computer or high-speed modem to start making local and long-distance calls. You should utilize magicJack for as little as $19.95/year per line.

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With the latest magicJack Plus system, you don’t have to have your computer on at all times to receive a call.


OS Required Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X
Company Website
Size 2 x 1 x 0.5 inches
Weight 0.9 ounces
VoIP Price Range Under $50

What I Love About The Magicjack

  • Free (only $40 per year) and unlimited long distance anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  • You can take it with you overseas and call back to the U.S.
  • It comes with free voicemail.
  • You can switch it in out of various computers.
  • You will get email notifications of new voicemails.

Affordable long-term phone service

When you get past the excessive initial costs, magicJack is one of the cheapest VoIP phone services in the industry. You get free service with your purchase of the adapter and, one you’ve used that up, head over to magicJack’s website and buy anymore. A one-month subscription costs merely $5 per month and includes unlimited local and long-distance calling to the U.S. and Canada. You won’t get these kinds of prices with another VoIP provider, so if you plan on having one of these phone services for a very long time, magicJack is a highly cost-effective choice.

You can use it without a computer

That was the key enhancement that magicJack and many people had been excited imperative. Use without a computer made things a lot easier and eliminated an additional layer that created a lot of technical difficulties. This new device could now be secured to both your computer’s USB port or directly in your modem. Users are no longer needed to keep their computers on 24/7 to receive incoming calls, which is huge. No worries if you’re on the go although and need to take your home phone with you. The Plus can, however, hook into your USB drive and run in the same fashion as the original MJ device.

Unlimited conference calling

That is going to be most useful for freelancers and others utilizing magicJack as their primary free conference call number is added with your purchase of a magicJackgo. That is going to be most useful for freelancers and others using magicJack as their main business telephone provider. Utilize this number to stay connected to your clients or employers and add as many people as you need to the call. The re’s no limit to the variety of participants or the number of calls you can make. It’s all involved as part of your plan, and you’ll never be charged extra for that.

Voice Quality Improvements

The new MJ Plus comes with two features to help in the ever constant battle to improve sound high quality. These features, called HD Voice had been very important to the founder Borislow and had been the catalyst in catapulting their high sound quality to industry best.

Easy Installation

With the new MJ+ installation just bought simpler. This installation process was made much easier with a revamped installation site at Be sure to select a phone number and when done take it out of the USB drive and easily hook one finish to your telephone and the other end to a modem/router and you can start making calls right away.


With the release of the new device, the company did add number porting so anybody who was waiting to make the change because they wished to hold onto their old number could now get magicJack. The cost to port any number is a one-time fee of $20. With your buy, you get the Plus device, a USB cable, Ethernet Cable, AC Power Adapter and an owner’s manual.


I am very impressed with how effectively the Magicjack has worked. I know there are a lot of people who have done away with their landlines and don’t mind utilizing their cell phones (buy cell phones online) as their only phone. However, for others still using a landline or who’ve switched to Skype or Vonage, the Magicjack is price investigating further.

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