Sony SRS-X33 Review

Sony SRS-X33

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The Sony SRS-X33 packs all best features right into a compact, no-nonsense Bluetooth portable speaker system that additionally just occurs to deliver nice sound. And the Sony SRS-X33 can deliver that sound for up to 12 hours powered by its built-in rechargeable battery.

Pairing your tablet or smartphone with the Sony SRS-X33 is easy, too especially if you have an Android device. The system uses NFC so that you simply have to touch your Android smartphone or tablet to the speaker to pair it.

Sony SRS-X33: Design

Sony SRS-X33
Sony SRS-X33 Design
Beginning with the build overview, that is very much portable, measuring 7.3” wide, 2.3” tall and 2.4 inches deep. Weight wise, it isn’t heavy, but it does have a feeling of being a strong build coming in at 1.9 ounces.
Total build includes a really solid grill on both the front and the back with absolutely no flexing, and on the top and sides features this very grippy yet smooth silicone texture. This does collect dust and brushing it off together with your hands do not do the trick, but a microfiber towel has this looking new once again.  

Sony SRS-X33: Performance

Sony SRS-X33
Sony SRS-X33 Performance
On the top features all your traditional buttons like volume and power, additional features include a speakerphone option to use for incoming and outgoing phone calls. Throughout testing, the other party did hear me clearly at close distances. but at 6 ft and beyond, they did notice I was additional away.  When they spoke, they’ll hear static and their own voice feedback.  If I lowered the volume of my speaker here, they heard their own voiceless with less static, but it somewhat lowers the speakerphone too low on my end for it to be actually beneficial to talk across the room.  Additional to the left ClearAudio+ makes a return, which switches the characteristics to bass and clarity… but I will demonstrate that in sound test later.  NFC is also out there on the far left, helping you connect your Android NFC-enabled phone with just a tap, instead of going through the Bluetooth menu.  
Rotating to the rear is pretty simple with a microUSB port for charging your gadget and a 3.5mm jack for physically connecting your devices instead of utilizing the wireless Bluetooth connection.  Sony does present a wall adapter, but a USB cable directly to your PC charges the speaker… whereas utilizing a 3.5mm audio cable on the same time provides a lot better sound than what comes stock in your PC.

Sony SRS-X33: Battery

Regarding battery life, Sony claims as much as 12hrs of use. With 50% volume for an even standard base, speaker able to achieve 7hrs and 30 minutes. This would die around that 7 and a half hour mark at 50% volume.

Sony SRS-X33: Verdict

Sony SRS-X33
Sony SRS-X33 Verdict

The Sony SRS-X33 speaker delivers excellent Bluetooth audio at moderate volumes, but it falters when you crank it higher.

Sony SRS-X33(Black)- $98.00

Sony SRS-X33(Blue)- $98.00

Sony SRS-X33(White)- $98.00

Sony SRS-X33(Red)- $98.00

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