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Sony WH-H910N Review

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Sony WH-H910N Review

Sony WH-H910N noise-canceling headphones are designed to provide a Hi-Res audio experience with an active noise cancelling system that has now become an industry standard. The H910N is the successor to the H900N with a redesigned design, a lighter footprint, and Hi-Res audio playback support, along with the richness of Sony WH-1000XM3‘s noise-canceling solution. It’s also a little cheaper than the last one, so if you were waiting for something that has a flagship impact, but also doesn’t cost that much, the H910N could be your next pair of cans. This is our Sony WH-H910N Review.

1. Sony WH-H910N Review: Design

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Sony’s WH-H910N headphones have been redesigned to offer more comfort, and its lightweight profile allows for greater portability. It is around 39 grams lighter than the previous WH-H900N headphones, weighing 251 grams. The H910N has plastic construction, and although it is quite light, it feels secure in the hand, and while wearing it. The headband is also tailored for a comfortable fit with a new silicone cushion that reduces wrinkles in the long term. The earplug and housing have also been adapted with a trapezoidal design with a larger surface area to cover the ears.

Sony WH-H910N Review

Inside the box is a carrying pouch with a USB Type-C cable and a 1.2m removable 3.5mm audio cable. We believe that the company could have offered a more robust case for its price than the standard bag that comes in it. The ear cushions can also be twisted and folded to keep them safe when not in use. It is a convenient feature that allows you to wear the headphones with ease so that you can listen to your favorite songs almost anywhere, anytime. That said, the 1000XM3 or even the XB900N offer extended portability as the ear cushions fold into a 90-degree angle, further reducing the profile.

Sony WH-H910N has a soft-touch matte finish on the outside, with the brand name etched on both sides of the headband. The ear cushions also feature a newly structured pattern that gives the headphones a trendy look. The left earcup features the on/off button, a 3.5mm jack, a Type-C port for charging, and the assistant button to wake up Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. The NFC is also located in the left ear cup and can be used to pair your smartphone. The right earcup supports touch controls that allow you to pick up calls and control music playback.

Like all other recent Sony headphones, the H910N supports Quick Attention mode, which allows you to listen to ambient sound without interrupting your music. This is very useful in conditions where you need to communicate with someone, and you don’t have to remove your headphones to make a call. With a redesigned design and a new focus on ergonomics, the W wireless headphones are a step up from the previous generation. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and doesn’t weigh heavily on you when you listen for longer.

2. Sony WH-H910N Review: Performance

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Sony’s WH-H910N has 25mm drivers as opposed to the 40mm drivers found in the 1000XM3s. Sony says that these headphones can produce the same sound pressure as its conventional counterparts, along with support for high-resolution audio, LDAC over Bluetooth 5.0, and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) HX. The DSEE HX is responsible for restoring sound quality initially lost during music compression, and the LDAC profile ensures high-quality audio transmission via standard Bluetooth wireless.

These headphones offer exceptional sound quality in all music genres, although audiophiles may find the sound image a little concentrated. There was no noticeable distortion in the treble with a powerful midrange and well-defined bass, which makes for an immersive audio experience. Sony says the noise cancellation on the H910N has been improved and is now based on the 1000XM3 signature. To this end, there is now a separate microphone unit and a far-field microphone in the headphones.

The noise cancellation system uses the dual microphones to produce a negative replica of the ambient noise to create a noise-free environment. There are three modes to choose from: travel, walk and wait. Based on these profiles and the environment, the headphones tune the music experience together with the noise cancellation system. The noise cancellation on the H910N is undoubtedly close to the 1000XM3’s, but not as satisfactory.

These headphones do not support personal noise cancellation, which is the flagship of Sony’s 1000XM3s. The H910N can also be paired with Sony’s Headphone Connect companion app, which is available in the Play Store and App Store. The app has equalizer control, adaptive sound control options, to name but a few. This allows you to adjust some settings to suit your unique music preference manually.

The adaptive sound control works well in different situations, and the quick attention mode is simply brilliant to use. The headphones also work in a wired way via a 3.5mm cable supplied in the box. If you’re looking for a perfect listening experience with clear audio and impressive high-resolution production capabilities, the H910N won’t let you down.

3. Battery Life

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Sony WH-H910N Review

The battery life of the Sony WH-H910N is 35 hours on a single charge without noise cancellation and 30 hours when the ANC is turned on. In our use, these headphones were able to play 31-32 hours of music, which is quite good. Sony also claims to have improved the charging times, as we have noticed that the WH-H910N charges faster than the XB900N. The company claims that this headset can fully charge in about 5 hours via a USB Type-C cable that is now included with most phones. It is suggested to use a good quality charging adapter when connecting the H910N.

4. Sony WH-H910N Review: Conclusion

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Sony’s WH-H910N wireless headphones are priced at $229 in the US, and for that price, there is a great value you get. This pair of cans are impressive for listening to high-resolution music mixed with built-in first-class noise cancellation. So if you have a great audio experience on headphones while traveling, the H910N is perfect for that. They’re quite comfortable to wear and won’t make your head feel heavy after prolonged use, thanks to their lightweight construction.

The Active Noise Cancellation system is effective and is a valuable addition. The H910N is a top candidate in the price range, and if you are looking for the best experience, but cannot increase your budget for the 1000XM3s, they work fine. For more headphones, check our list of Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

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