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Nextcloud vs Owncloud: which self-hosted cloud option suits you?

Find out what the main differences are between Nextcloud and Owncloud, two popular cloud solutions that you run yourself.

by Paul Renner & Ralph Tedder
7 minutes read
Nextcloud vs Owncloud

Nextcloud and OwnCloud have been at the forefront of the open-source cloud storage and collaboration space for quite some time now, and as someone who has had the chance to make considerable use of both of these platforms.

OwnCloud and Nextcloud are two platforms that have garnered a lot of attention in the open-source cloud storage and collaboration community. They provide a range of powerful capabilities that enable safe file storage, synchronization, and sharing, all while maintaining a firm grasp on your data, and they cater to both individual users and businesses.

Nextcloud developed as a fork of OwnCloud, born out of the need to solve certain limits and promote a more community-driven development strategy. Nextcloud was born out of the necessity to address certain limitations. This split produced two platforms that are closely connected to one another and have a shared ancestor. However, they have developed independently, so each one possesses its own set of peculiar qualities.

Nextcloud vs Owncloud Comparison Table

Nextcloud and OwnCloud is important because it affects how you handle your data. Nextcloud is great at being easy to use and able to grow, which makes it a great choice for people who value both ease and growth. OwnCloud is easy to use, but it might need more resources to be able to grow. The choice relies on what you need and what you can do technically.

Installation & SetupUser-friendlyUser-friendly
User InterfaceModern & intuitiveFunctional
Security & PrivacyStrong emphasisStrong emphasis
Data Sync & SharingEfficientEfficient
PerformanceOptimizedGood, may require more resources
ScalabilityExcellentGood, may require more resources
Community & SupportEngaged communityActive community
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Nextcloud vs Owncloud: Installation and Setup

Nextcloud vs Owncloud

Both Nextcloud and OwnCloud, in my experience, provide user-friendly installation and setup procedures, making them suitable for users with a wide range of technical expertise. Nextcloud is very remarkable because it provides an extremely user-friendly installation process as well as in-depth documentation for the configuration process.

OwnCloud, on the other hand, while not being quite as easily frictionless as Nextcloud, nonetheless gives a pretty easy setup, ensuring users that they may commence their cloud storage solutions without substantial obstacles. Because of this accessibility, both systems are appropriate for a diverse group of users, regardless of the level of technical expertise they possess.

Nextcloud vs Owncloud: User Interface Comparison

When it comes to its User Interface, Nextcloud stands out thanks to its cutting-edge and user-friendly design, which provides consumers with an excellent and streamlined experience. The intuitive design of Nextcloud’s user interface makes using the service feel like second nature. OwnCloud, on the other hand, while it is functional.

Displays a design that is not quite as contemporary as Nextcloud’s and may not have the same level of polish found in its interface. Nextcloud’s user-centric design raises the overall user experience, making it a more desirable choice for individuals who favor an intuitive and visually pleasant interface. Although both platforms are capable of completing the task at hand, Nextcloud’s design puts the user in the driver’s seat.

Nextcloud vs Owncloud: Security and Privacy

Nextcloud and OwnCloud, in my experience, place a significant emphasis on the protection of users’ personal information and data privacy. I’ve noticed that they routinely and conscientiously provide updates in order to maintain a robust security posture, which makes them trustworthy options for users that place a high value on the protection of their data. Both of these platforms come equipped with powerful encryption tools and versatile access control options, both of which contribute to a high level of data protection.

When choosing between Nextcloud and OwnCloud, it is common for the decision to boil down to certain security requirements as well as individual preferences. Both platforms provide a robust security foundation; nevertheless, the choice between them may be affected by factors such as the level of control desired over security configurations or the particular security features that fit with requirements specific to the individual or the business. In either scenario, customers have every reason to have faith in the safety precautions that have been taken by Nextcloud and OwnCloud respectively.

Nextcloud vs Owncloud: Data Synchronization and Sharing

Nextcloud vs Owncloud

From my own personal experience, I can say that the basic functions of data syncing and sharing are where both Nextcloud and OwnCloud really shine. These platforms provide file synchronization procedures that are both effective and trustworthy, guaranteeing that your data is always brought up to date across all of your devices. In addition, they offer helpful tools for collaboration, which make it simple to work together on a variety of projects, such as calendars, papers, and more.

When it comes to this aspect of cloud storage, choosing between Nextcloud and OwnCloud frequently boils down to the particular collaboration features you desire. Both Nextcloud and OwnCloud provide comparable features, but their implementations differ in a few important respects. For example, Nextcloud may be superior to OwnCloud when it comes to some collaborative document editing functionalities, but OwnCloud may have more specialized tools that are a better fit for your requirements.

Nextcloud vs Owncloud: Performance and Scalability

When looking at cloud storage options, performance and scalability are the most important things to consider. Nextcloud has always amazed me with how well it works, and its ability to handle large-scale deployments shows how reliable it is. This feature makes Nextcloud a great choice, especially for businesses that have to deal with a lot of people and a lot of data. It’s a big plus that it can handle a lot of work without slowing down.

OwnCloud, on the other hand, also does a good job, but from what I’ve seen, it might take more resources to reach the same level of scale as Nextcloud. This means that OwnCloud is still a good choice for small to medium-sized deployments because it has a strong set of features and works well enough to meet the needs of such companies.

Which is better?

Nextcloud and OwnCloud depends on your needs. From my point of view, Nextcloud is great because it is easy to use, has a sleek design, and works well. This makes it perfect for people who value ease and scalability. OwnCloud is easy to use, but it might need more resources to be able to grow. You should think about your technical skills, interface choices, security needs, and the size of your deployment when making your choice.

Both systems put security, effective data synchronization, and sharing at the top of their lists, which makes them reliable choices. In the end, your choice should be based on your unique use case and priorities. This will help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Nextcloud: The good and The bad

Nextcloud is a cloud storage platform that can be configured in a wide variety of ways and is simple enough for novice users to operate while yet providing the capability that large businesses want.

The Good

  1. Exceptional user-friendliness
  2. Modern and intuitive user interface

The Bad

  1. None identified in this comparison

Owncloud: The good and The bad

ownCloud is a piece of file-sharing and online data storage software that is incredibly simple to operate. You are free to organize and set up the folders anyway you see fit, and you can share them with a variety of individuals.

The Good

  1. User-friendly
  2. Active community support

The Bad

    • User interface may lack the polish of Nextcloud’s

Questions and Answers

Is Nextcloud better than ownCloud?

Nextcloud has better security features and is always getting new features. So, as your business grows, you can count on its security features to keep your info safe. When it comes to help, the Nextcloud community is much more active than the ownCloud group.

Is Nextcloud a fork of ownCloud?

Since Nextcloud split off the core of ownCloud in 2016, it has added a lot of new features, like a live chat app and a weather app, to its rebranded software.

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