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Trustpilot vs Reviews.io: which platform is right for you?

Trustpilot and Reviews.io are two of the most well-known sites for online reviews. But which one should you choose?

by Ralph Tedder & Paula Stark
6 minutes read
Trustpilot vs Reviews.io

I have personal experience with the platforms Trustpilot and Reviews.io, and I can attest to the fact that these websites play an important part in the realm of online customer reviews and reputation management. They are of immeasurable value to companies like mine that seek to strengthen their internet presence and cultivate trust through the comments and ratings of their customers.

Trustpilot has been around for a while and is a well-established player in this industry because to their extensive experience. Reviews.io, on the other hand, is a more recent competitor that shows great promise. Both of these platforms come pre-loaded with a wide variety of tools and features that make it possible for you to collect, manage, and proudly display reviews left by customers.

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io Comparison Table

Trustpilot and Reviews.io are two important places to find and share customer reviews. Consumers know and trust Trustpilot, while Reviews.io has a lot of useful tools for businesses.

Review Collection MethodsEmail invitations, on-site widgets, APIs, etc.Email invitations, SMS, on-site widgets, APIs
Reputation ManagementRespond to reviews, report abuse, TrustBoxReview replies, report abuse, customizable widgets
SEO OptimizationRich snippet integration, Google indexingStructured data markup, Google Seller Ratings
Integration OptionsOver 50 integrations, including CRM and eCommerceIntegration with eCommerce platforms, CRM, etc.
Reporting and AnalyticsIn-depth performance insights, review trendsAnalytics dashboard, trend analysis
Industry-Specific SolutionsTailored solutions for various industriesSolutions for different industries
Customer Support and ResourcesExtensive knowledge base, support centerKnowledge base, email support, phone support
visit websitevisit website

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io

Trustpilot has been around for a while, and it has helped me a lot with my online business. Trustpilot was started in 2007, and since then it has become the go-to tool for people like me who rely on real customer feedback when deciding what to buy.

From what I’ve seen, Trustpilot has been a great way for businesses to collect and deal with customer reports. It’s been interesting to see how this platform has changed over the years to become a trusted source of information for consumers like me who want real information about businesses and their products.

What is Reviews.io?

Reviews.io is a good tool for managing online reviews. I’ve used it myself, so I can say that it works. I started using it in 2016, and since then it has been a very helpful work tool. Reviews.io has a great set of features that make it easy for me to collect and show reviews, which has made me much more visible and trustworthy online.

One thing I really like about Reviews.io is how easy it is to use. It’s very easy to use, and even people who aren’t very tech-savvy can figure out how to use it quickly. Plus, it has a lot of different ways to manage reviews, which makes it a complete answer for businesses like mine. Reviews.io can help you whether you want to get reviews from your customers or put them on your website. It has made a big difference for me in building and keeping a good online image.

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io: Review Collection and Management

I can attest to the efficiency of both Trustpilot and Reviews.io in terms of the collection and management of customer reviews because I have utilized both of these platforms myself. These systems include a variety of easy-to-use techniques for getting actual feedback, such as sending email invitations, integrating on-site widgets, and using APIs. These methods include sending email invitations. From my own personal experience, I can attest to the fact that this renders the process of gathering genuine testimonials extraordinarily uncomplicated and time-saving.

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io: Trust and Credibility

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io

I’ve used both Trustpilot and Reviews.io, and in the world of online reviews, they each have their own strengths. Trustpilot has been a go-to for me because it has a good name and is known all over the world. I’ve found that it’s a place where people go to find out how trustworthy a brand is. When I used Trustpilot, it helped me build trust with my customers and make them believe in me.

On the other hand, Reviews.io’s strong track record in the review management business has pleased me. I’ve liked the tools and features it gives me to effectively handle and show off customer feedback. Using Reviews.io has let me show off the real experiences of my customers, which has increased the trustworthiness of my brand.

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io: Integration Options

Because I have firsthand experience with both Trustpilot and Reviews.io, I can attest to the fact that both of these platforms offer excellent connections with a variety of prominent customer relationship management systems (CRMs), eCommerce platforms, and other crucial software applications. When it comes to gathering reviews and making the most of them in my business, these integrations have been a game-changer for me. They make the entire process of collecting reviews much simpler, and they make it possible for me to harness the power of client feedback in a way that is actually useful.

Trustpilot vs Reviews.io: Reporting and Analytics

These platforms have powerful reporting and analytics tools that help a lot with keeping track of success and improving it. These tools are very helpful for figuring out how well different strategies and ads are working. By giving detailed insights and visual representations of data, they make it easy for users to keep track of key metrics, spot new trends, and measure total success. Whether it’s the number of people who visit a website, how active they are on social media, or how much they sell, these platforms help businesses and people stay informed and make good choices.

Users can fine-tune their efforts to have the most effect by being able to dig deeper into data, set custom parameters, and make detailed reports. In the data-driven world of today, these reporting and analytics tools are crucial to keeping competitive and adapting to the market’s constant changes. In the end, they allow companies and people to use information as a strategic asset, which leads to better decisions and results.

Which is better?

Trustpilot and Reviews.io depends on specific needs. Trustpilot offers global recognition, strong SEO integration, and extensive industry-specific solutions. Reviews.io emphasizes customizable widgets and SMS review collection. Both platforms provide robust features and integrations. Businesses should evaluate pricing and individual requirements to determine the better fit.

Trustpilot: The good and The bad

Trustpilot, a company with headquarters in Copenhagen, provides businesses with a customer review platform that assists them in collecting more online ratings.

The Good

  1. Globally recognized.
  2. Strong SEO integration.

The Bad

  1. Potentially higher pricing.

Reviews.io: The good and The bad

REVIEWS.io is the industry leader when it comes to providing solutions for eCommerce review collection and marketing. Develop your reputation on the internet,

The Good

  1. Customizable widgets.
  2. SMS review collection.

The Bad

  1. Less global recognition.

Questions and Answers

Is review io trustworthy?

Millions of people around the world know REVIEWS.io as a place to find honest reviews they can trust. We don’t work for anyone else, and we’re honest.

Who are REVIEWS.io competitors?

Price and reaction time are two other important things to think about when looking for alternatives to Reviews.io. Reviewers chose Bazaarvoice, Yotpo, Trustpilot, and Feefo as the best general alternatives and competitors to Reviews.io, so we made a list of them.

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