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Zulip vs Slack: a detailed comparison

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zulip vs slack

Zulip and Slack are two leading team communication and collaboration platforms, each with its own unique features and benefits. Zulip is an open-source tool that organizes talks into threaded topics called “streams.” This structure helps teams stay focused and organized, and answers that are nested within each other keep the context. Zulip also lets you do powerful searches and interacts with popular third-party apps, making it easy to use different tools together. On the other hand, Slack is known for being easy to use and having a wide range of connections.

It uses “channels” to organize talks and let people join the ones that interest them. Slack lets team members talk to each other directly and makes it easy for them to share files. It has a large ecosystem of apps that can be connected to it. This lets teams automate jobs and get information from many different places within the platform. In the end, the choice between Zulip and Slack depends on what your team needs and how you want to work together.

1. Zulip vs Slack Comparison Table

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Conversation StructureThreaded topics called “streams”Channels
User InterfaceRequires learning curve, customizableUser-friendly and intuitive
IntegrationsIntegrates with third-party toolsExtensive integration ecosystem
PricingOpen-source with free versionTiered pricing plans

2. What is Zulip ?

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zulip vs slack

The platform for team communication and collaboration known as Zulip organizes conversations into threaded topics that are referred to as “streams.” It offers a free and open-source solution for teams to have conversations that are well-focused and well-organized. Zulip is a service that helps teams optimize their communication and maintain their productivity. Some of the features it offers include nested replies, extensive search functionality, and interfaces with other apps.

3. What is Slack ?

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zulip vs slack

Slack is a popular application for team communication that aims to improve cooperation and expedite communication within businesses. It makes use of channels to organize discussions, permits direct messaging between members of the team, and makes it simple for team members to share files with one another. Slack is a communication and collaboration platform that makes it easier for teams to efficiently communicate with one another and stay connected. Its UI is intuitive, and it integrates with a wide variety of other productivity applications. You can download this app from its official website

4. Which is better ?

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The answer to the question of whether Zulip or Slack is better relies on the needs and preferences of your team. Both systems have their own advantages and features that different users may like. Zulip has a unique way of organizing conversations called “streams,” which help keep things organized and on track. It works best for in-depth, well-organized talks, making it a good choice for teams that value conversations based on topics and context.

Zulip also has a strong search feature and works with a wide range of third-party tools. On the other hand, Slack is known for being easy to use and having a wide range of connections. It uses “channels” to organize discussions and is more open and flexible. Slack is a popular choice for teams that want a full teamwork experience because it has many ways to connect and is easy to use.

5. Zulip: The good and The bad

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The Good

  1. Third-party app integration.
  2. Free open-source platform.

The Bad

  1. Less integration than Slack.

6. Slack: The good and The bad

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The Good

  1. Navigable interface.
  2. Wide-ranging tool integration.

The Bad

  1. Advanced features may require higher-priced plans.


Is Zulip better than Slack?

Slack and Zulip are both mostly “Group Chat & Notifications” tools. “Easy to integrate with” is the main reason why developers choose Slack over its competitors. “Open source” is the main reason why developers choose Zulip.

Why do people chat in Zulip?

Zulip brings together the speed of real-time chat and the way email threads work. With Zulip, you can listen to important talks and skip over the ones that don’t matter.

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