Best games on PlayStation Now

Best games on PlayStation Now

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The Best games on PlayStation Now

Playstation Now, Sony’s gaming subscription service, does not claim similar catalog power to Microsoft’s equivalent, the Xbox Game Pass. The titles available are generally old and have a lively past, which doesn’t compete with Microsoft’s desire to put new games on the service as soon as they are released to the public. But, as always, Sony has something up your sleeve; A vast, varied and continually fascinating collection of Playstation classics.

Sony has established itself as the top destination for ambitious player experiences for the past 20 years, and that means the Playstation Now gallery is full up with Metal Gears, God of Wars and Unsolved. In case you have lost the reigns of PS2, PS3 and PS4, the service is absolutely indispensable.

In keeping with that tradition, we’ve put together the best games recently available on Playstation Now. The entries below are mostly single-player entries, and nearly all received some Game of the Year nominations when they were first released. Ideally, in the future, Sony will be more aggressive with its subscription service and will allow The Last of Us Part 2 from the previous year to be part of the package from the start. Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with dozens of masterstrokes from Playstation history, which is actually a compromise.

Here is the list of the best games on Playstation Now

Spider-Man from Marvel

Spider-Man always got caught up in the mediocrity of games associated with movies, outside of the extraordinary Spider-Man 2. By acquiring the rights to Activision, Sony commissioned Insomniac Games to create a new generation of Spider-Man games. The result is Marvel’s Spider-Man and has been a delight for longtime fans. No movie required, Marvel Spider-Man makes his way with a beautifully detailed open world, sophisticated combat and, of course, excellent web-throwing mechanics.



Bloodborne is often opaque, but the game’s inspiring design is appealing for one reason: it’s the opposite of excessive. tutorials and restrictive ports that are so common in other games. When you manage to understand your knowledge and its esoteric rules, or manage to overcome some difficult challenges, it comes with the greatest satisfaction you’ve achieved. Longtime Souls players may pale in its tweaked customization options and highly focused scope. Newbies will be shocked by the problem. But Bloodborne remains one of the Software’s best works to this day, a remarkable achievement and a clever twist on its Soul lineage.


God of War

There are some games that anyone with a PS Now account should definitely play, and it’s debatable that 2018’s God of War should be at the top of that list. This “reboot” of the series shows Kratos living in a different part of the world, far from the Greek gamers who saw him. Kratos’ move to Midgard gave developers the opportunity to highlight a few different gods, exploring the darker Scandinavian folklore surrounding the Norse gods and their mythology. With RPG elements, an amazing story, breathtaking visuals and some stellar combat mechanics, God of War is a PS Now game not to be missed.


Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Emperor is a puzzle game. A helpless boy with a magic sword hunts 16 mammoths, primitive monsters scattered across the Forbidden Lands. Each of them can squish him like an insect, but he manages to spot small openings in his routine that allow him to scale colossi like King Kong and the Empire State Building. The boy dips the sword into the stamp imprinted on his body and moves on to the next.

The fights are exhilarating, but what makes Shadow of the Colossus stand out is its subversive and understated history. That creeping feeling in the back of your head – the floating guilt that comes with taking down these ancient and peaceful creatures – blooms in full force in the game’s downturned moments; Even after 16 years of release, Shadow is still one of a kind.


LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 is the only numbered game in the series not developed by series creator Media Molecule. While the third entry isn’t as good as the first two games, it’s still full of charm and an impressive display for developer Sumo Digital. Plus, it’s the only LittleBigPlanet game on PlayStation Now. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this series yet, let us introduce you.

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a puzzle platform game where you’ll solve puzzles to progress through relatively simple levels. There is a single player mode, but the game excels in multiplayer. As Super Mario Maker, you can create and share levels online, as well as download and play other user-created levels. The series is known for the variety of items you can place in the level, creating an extremely varied level design.



About a decade ago, independent studios around the world started releasing these first-person horror games that featured an unarmed and lonely protagonist scouring the world for something that has gone terribly wrong. Frictional Games pioneered the movement with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but for my money, SOMA is their best work.

The studio’s instinct for suspense is still here; It’s a game set in a rotting underwater research lab that’s chased by some really disturbing barnacled mutants. (As before, his only offense is hiding and praying.) But Soma is at his best as he delves into his environment, forcing the player to answer some intriguing questions about the nature of consciousness. If you’re a Matrix fan or a Mass Effect digital synthesizer advocate, you’re right up your alley.


hollow knight

Sadly, Hollow Knight has fallen victim to an endless stream of video game comparisons. It’s a Metroidnia, to be sure, but Hollow Knight establishes an identity of its own. It tells the story of a kingdom in ruins and a ruler who will stop at nothing to save it. However, you will have to dig deeper to find this story. Hollow Knight is about exploration, rewarding players who explore every nook and cranny with more items, expanded knowledge, and frequent updates. The gameplay itself is borrowed from Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night, but it’s easy to see why Hollow Knight is different from them. The world of the Holocaust is alive – even though many of its inhabitants are dead.



Technically speaking, the title of this game is Guacamlee! After playing it, you’ll see why the exclamation point is needed. Guacamelli is a noisy, bright and incredibly fun Metroidvania with an art style inspired by Mexican folk art. You take control of Juan Aguacate: a common agave farmer who transforms into a masked magic wrestler. Your mission: to save your old friend Lupita from the clutches of the demonic Carlos Calaca. Guacamelee’s combat and exploration is full of creativity, from manipulating weak enemies to turning into a chicken as you squeeze into tight spaces. You’ll also explore light and dark worlds, making the game twice as big.



Isolation isn’t as well-known as games like The Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn, but it’s still been published by Sony. It is an isometric action RPG similar to Diablo. However, instead of working in a fictional landscape full of monstrous creatures, you are fighting aliens that invade Earth. What’s surprising about Aliation is how detailed it is. Developer Housemark has made a name for itself with simple shooter games like Resogun and Super Stardust Delta. There are many shooting games up isolated elements. However, this core gameplay is supported by a relatively immersive story, loot, and role-playing system.



Arguably more fascinating than Spelunky’s influence on game design is the imprint he left on his players’ lives. Look, you didn’t beat Spelunky, because you are final boss is not really final boss. neither is final stage the final about the game. Completing a Spelunky is more like learning to swim or ride a bike in final – you’ve completed the initial hurdle, but the real fun is how you apply your skills more. The speedrunner treats you like a gym, creating a variety of challenging obstacle courses and then completing them at a blistering pace. Modders filled it with cute characters and new stages. And streamers have been exploring it for secrets I’m not sure its creator expected people to discover.

In 2013, game designer Douglas Wilson called it “the video game’s most fascinating moment” of the year: the single Eggplant Run. “At its core,” Wilson wrote, “the single Eggplant Run is a gripping story of how the live stream is changing video games in radical and exciting ways; how the Internet finally conquered Spelunky creators Derek Yu and Andy Hull. Mastery can lead to a beautiful kind of performance, demonstrating the value of games as a human culture. And it rests on a mysterious eggplant. ”


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