Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion

Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion

In this article, we will talk about the Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion. We tried our best to review the Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion with your social network.

The Best Tricks and Tips of Google Slides Ani­ma­tion

It provides a quick and easy way to deliver compelling presentations directly from our browser (or app). Without the hassle of installing third-party apps, you can easily work on Google Slides to draft your next slideshow. It can also help you cooperate with your team and work on presentations together.

If you’re already using Google Slides, you should be aware of its many benefits. But, there are few tricks and tips that even the most committed G Slide users aren’t aware of. If you’re like most people who spend their working days inside presentation software, you probably spend hours and hours on content and only a few minutes on your deck’s actual appearance.

Use a professional Google Slides template

A template is a great way to get a professional look for your Google Slides presentation without spending a lot of time designing or hiring an expensive designer. Fortunately, one of my favorite slides from Google tips That’s it: outsource the design work to someone else.

To use a presentation or theme template, first rename it. Then just find the professionally designed slides you like and type over them with your own information. You can quickly delete template slides you don’t need, use the ones you do need, and add your own photos and personalized information.

Cut and paste a slide from one presentation to another

If you give a lot of presentations, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to reuse a slide from one presentation in another. Don’t recreate the slide – there is a better way. You can copy a single slide from one presentation to another. Or you can copy a single slide of a theme or template. This can save a lot of time if you create a lot of presentations.

Here’s what to do: Open the Google Slides file with the slide you want. Click on the desired slide and Ctrl + C to copy it to the clipboard. In the example below, I’m copying a slide from a theme to an existing presentation:

Open the presentation you are creating. Click on the slide before where you want to insert the copied slide. Click Ctrl + V to paste the slide copied from the clipboard into the new presentation:

Master the Master Slides tool

Ever wanted to change an element of your Google Slides that appears on multiple slides and couldn’t make the change?

You are probably trying to change something that is defined in a slide master or layout master. Slide masters and layouts can be changed, but to do so you need to open the Slide Master tool: Changes made to the slide master are reflected throughout your Google Slides presentation. Changes made to a master layout affect all other slides that use that layout.

It is important to learn completely how to use Google Slides’ powerful Master Slides tool. For everything you need to know about the Master Slides tool, study this handy Google Slides tutorial:

dictate the text of your presentation

For computers with a microphone, use your voice to dictate the speaker’s notes in the presentation. Here’s how: Make sure the microphone is turned on. Click on the Speaker Notes section of the screen. Select Tools > Speaker Notes by Voice Type. The microphone icon appears on the screen:

Click on the microphone icon and start talking. Your text is added to the speaker’s notes as you speak: when you’re done, click the microphone icon again to turn off voice typing. Click the X in the upper right corner of the icon to close it.

Use an image as a background

Images add a lot to the presentation. An image can illustrate a point, often better than words I can. An image also adds interest to a slide and attracts your audience. An image can even be used symbolically to represent an important concept.

But you can do more with the images than just putting them on your slides. A background image can help make your presentation more visually appealing. And it’s easier to use an image as a background in Google Slides than you might think. Here are the complete instructions on how to use images in Google Slides, including step-by-step instructions for using an image as your background:

You can find a variety of professional-quality, royalty-free images at Envato Elements. in addition to ready-to-use photos, you also get access to templates, fonts and creative features – all with unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee.

put an image in a shape

We’ve already discussed the importance of using images in your Google Slides presentation to add interest. we also explore how to use a photo as a background.

But background images are just the cool thing you can do with photos in Google Slides. Other trick What many presenters don’t know about is the ability to import an image into a shape. To differentiate your presentation with images embedded in shapes, learn how to do this on our Google Slides tutorial about working with images:

Answer audience questions with the question and answer tool

Google Slides has a good feature which allows you to accept questions over the Internet while making your presentation. This tool can also be useful for live webinars. When do you activate the Q&A feature during the Google Slides presentation, by clicking the question and answer icon, the audience will see the words Accepting questions with a web link:

Your audience may even ask questions anonymously. There is also a feature which allows other presenters to rate the questions asked with a thumb up or a thumbs down. If you are going to give the presentation again, review the previous questions as part of your preparation. Select the menu option Tools > Question and Answer History, a panel is displayed on the right showing the previous questions:

Add sound to your presentation

Currently, the Insert to Google Slides drop-down menu does not have an audio option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add audio to your presentation. Basically, there are two ways to add sound to your presentation:

  • Link to a music streaming service like Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music.
  • Insert a YouTube video that has a soundtrack you want to use.
  • collaborate, Share your presentation

    Collaboration is a great way to ensure your presentation on Google Slides is the best it can be. Exchanging ideas usually results in a product final of higher quality. Like all Google Drive-based tools, Google Slides lets you share your presentation. Using the Share button to share your presentation with a specific person:

    Or create a shareable link to email or use on your site: Google Slides lets you set other people’s access level and what they can do. You decide whether they can edit the presentation, comment only, or just view it. Once your presentation is shared, those who have the correct access to it can use Comments button to provide feedback and ideas.

    Make your Google slides look good – quickly

    Have you seen it before in this tutorial, but I can’t say enough: to learn how to make your Google Slides look professional, use a template. When using a template, you don’t need to learn the app entirely on your own. Starting with a template is like having a guide to create a great presentation. Open it up and instantly, you see Google Slides tips in the form of pre-built slides. They are already perfectly laid out and ready for your content.

    To learn more about how to customize your Google Slides presentation, check out these two tutorials below. They are loaded with advice on how to make Google Slides look good.

    Go back to a previous version of your presentation

    Suppose you update your existing Google Slides sales presentation to include some new ones features of your product. So, at the last minute, your company decides not to launch these new features. This could mean a major rewrite on your presentation, but with Google Slides it doesn’t have to.

    Use Revision History in File > View Revision History to see a panel that lists previous versions of the presentation. The Revision History panel appears to the right of your presentation: Click an older version to view it. A prompt appears at the top of the screen asking if you want to restore this version: Another prompt asks you to confirm the restoration. After the confirmation prompt, the old version becomes the current document.

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