Best » The 6 Best Cloud CRM Software (2023) to analyze customer

The 6 Best Cloud CRM Software (2023) to analyze customer

Determine which cloud customer relationship management software is ideal for your company.

by Edmund Blake & Charles Anders
11 minutes read
Best Cloud CRM Software

CRM software is made to handle and analyze customer and business contact data in an effective way. It gives sales, marketing, and customer service teams more power by automating the collection and organization of important information about leads, customers, partners, and key business connections. Cloud-based CRM software goes one step further by keeping the company’s information in the cloud.

This means that the data is stored safely on the servers of the CRM cloud provider and can be viewed by the customer through the internet. With cloud CRM software, businesses can use the infrastructure and expertise of the CRM provider to store and protect their data in dedicated data centers. This means they don’t have to make expensive investments in hosting and management on-premises. Also, cloud-based CRM systems have useful features like automating tasks, managing contacts well, and getting deep customer insights. These features streamline operations and help businesses grow.

Best Cloud CRM Software Comparison Table

CRM ProductFeaturesWebsite Link
monday.comCustomizable CRM, Task management, Communication tools, Sales pipeline trackingVisit Website
Hubspot CRMContact management, Email tracking, Sales automation, Reporting and analyticsVisit Website
SalesforceLead management, Opportunity tracking, Workflow automation, AI-powered insightsVisit Website
Microsoft Dynamics 365Sales and customer service automation, Unified platform for ERP and CRM, Business intelligenceVisit Website
PipedriveSales pipeline management, Email integration, Deal tracking, Sales forecastingVisit Website
CRM CreatioSales force automation, Contact management, Campaign management, AnalyticsVisit Website

Best Cloud CRM Software
Customizable CRM workflowsDesign and automate CRM processes according to your business needs
Contact and lead managementStore and manage customer information, track interactions, and leads
Sales pipeline trackingVisualize and track sales opportunities throughout the sales process
Team collaborationFoster collaboration and communication among team members
Reporting and analyticsGenerate reports and gain insights into sales and customer data

If you’re looking for a cloud-based CRM that is both easy to use and good at what it does, is your best bet. This tool lets you handle every part of your sales cycle from one place, including your sales pipeline, lead capture, customer onboarding, and contact management. You can make the most of your sales flow and grow your business with the help of features like lead management, pre-sales management, and deal management.

This program is also great for giving you a full picture of your customers, including information about their accounts and past communications. This suite’s screen is flexible and easy to change to fit the needs of your business. On, you can save time by automating sales chores that you do often. It can even help your sales team get hired faster by giving them all the tools and resources they need.

The Good

  1. Interface that is easy to use and has a style that is clear and easy to understand
  2. There are many ways to change the software to fit different business processes.
  3. Integration with popular third-party apps to make the system work better

The Bad

  1. Plans with more options may have to cost more.
  2. Compared to specialized marketing tools, it has less ability to automate marketing.

Hubspot CRM

Best Cloud CRM Software
Contact and lead managementStore and organize customer and lead data
Email tracking and templatesTrack email interactions and use pre-built templates for efficient emailing
Deals and pipeline managementManage sales deals and track progress through customizable pipelines
Customer support toolsTrack customer support tickets and manage customer inquiries
Reporting and analyticsGenerate reports and gain insights into sales and marketing performance

Hubspot CRM is more than just a way to keep track of your contacts. It gives you free tools to keep track of performance and instantly update reports. With a thorough dashboard, you can see everything about your sales pipeline right away. When you get reports on how each salesperson is doing and what they are selling, you can even teach your sales team to help them reach your goal.

You also get 1 million contacts that never expire. Hubspot also gives you advanced tools that save time and make your sales teams more productive. These tools also make it easier for them to work together and get along with each other. These can also tell your reps when a customer opens an email or goes to your company’s website. So, they can follow up on the right leads quickly and at the right time.

The Good

  1. There is a free plan with a lot of options
  2. HubSpot tools for marketing and customer service work well together.
  3. Easy to use interface with clear instructions

The Bad

  1. Plans with more advanced tools, like workflow automation, cost more.
  2. Compared to some other CRM systems, it has fewer ways to customize it.


Best Cloud CRM Software
Contact and account managementStore and manage customer and account information
Sales opportunity trackingTrack sales opportunities and manage the sales pipeline
Marketing automationAutomate marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and email marketing
Customer service toolsManage customer inquiries, support cases, and provide efficient service
AppExchange marketplaceAccess a wide range of third-party applications and integrations

Salesforce can be used by businesses in any field that want to make their sales processes more efficient or better. Salesforce is a customizable CRM that can be used locally or in the cloud. It helps sales teams keep track of contacts and possibilities, track leads, predict sales, and see how they are doing.

But configuring and setting up Salesforce is hard, so businesses that choose to use it should make sure that their leaders have experience with the app and know what a good implementation looks like.

The Good

  1. Highly scalable and flexible CRM solution for businesses of all kinds
  2. A large community of third-party add-ons and integrations.
  3. Powerful reporting and analysis tools

The Bad

  1. Compared to some other CRM systems, it is harder to learn.
  2. When compared to some companies, prices may be higher.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Best Cloud CRM Software
Sales and opportunity managementTrack sales activities, manage opportunities, and forecast revenue
Customer service automationAutomate customer service processes, case management, and support
Marketing automationDesign and execute marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and email marketing
Business intelligenceGain insights through analytics, dashboards, and data visualization
Field service managementOptimize field service operations with scheduling, dispatch, and more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Best Cloud CRM Software which is group of five cloud-based applications for customer relationship management (CRM): marketing, sales, customer care, field service, and project operations. Depending on their wants, customers can buy individual apps or the whole suite. Dynamics 365 also works with Microsoft Office 365 tools like Teams, Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Dynamics 365 lets companies track success metrics, get real-time analytics, manage relationships through multiple channels, and get suggestions based on AI. Microsoft Dynamics has advanced tools that other CRM software companies don’t have.

The Good

  1. Integration with other Microsoft tools and services to help people get more done
  2. Strong tools for sales, marketing, customer service, and field service
  3. Scalable solution that works for all kinds of businesses

The Bad

  1. Costs are higher than some other CRM choices.
  2. For customization, you may need specialized knowledge or help from a developer.


Best Cloud CRM Software
Sales pipeline managementVisualize and manage the sales pipeline with drag-and-drop simplicity
Contact and lead managementStore and manage customer and lead data
Email integrationSync emails and communicate with contacts directly within Pipedrive
Activity trackingTrack sales activities, meetings, and follow-ups for better efficiency
Sales reporting and analyticsGenerate reports and gain insights into sales performance

Pipedrive the Best Cloud CRM Software lets you keep your attention on the right tasks and deals. It’s a great tool for both sellers and business owners because of this. The app shows your sales flow and sales process, and its Timeline View lets you focus on the best deals. Pipedrive is also a safe app with tens of thousands of users all over the world. It has reliable storage and nightly backups.

Pipedrive gives you an overview of your sales, and the sales approach is appealing because it is easy to keep track of the progress of your team, which helps you decide which deals to pursue. It also has a lot of tools for automating workflows, so agents can save time by making custom workflows based on events that cause them. Pipedrive works with more than 300 apps, which makes work even more efficient.

The Good

  1. Interface that is easy to understand and use
  2. Streamlined sales pipeline control
  3. Integration with well-known apps and services from outside the company

The Bad

  1. Not enough marketing automation tools
  2. Some of the more advanced functions may need to work with other tools or add-ons.

CRM Creatio

Best Cloud CRM Software
Sales managementManage the complete sales cycle, from lead generation to deal closure
Contact and account managementStore and manage customer and account information
Marketing automationAutomate marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and email marketing
Service and support toolsTrack and manage customer service requests, cases, and support tasks
Business process managementDesign and automate business processes for improved efficiency

CRM Creatio is a Best Cloud CRM Software and full-cycle automation suite for marketing, sales, and customer service. It is powered by tools that don’t require any coding, and it gives you full control over your process. Its tools for cross-functional management connect marketing, sales, and customer service.

This app makes it easier for users to start using it by using open APIs, AI, and UX. Its low-code design also makes it easy to connect to other business systems. Even if you don’t know much about code, it’s easy to add widgets and apps to your system. It also has calendars, tools for managing tasks, choices for processing documents, and analytics tools to help you focus on tasks that take more time and are more important.

The Good

  1. Features that work well in sales, marketing, and customer service.
  2. Business systems can be built and automated with a visual process designer.
  3. Integration with famous apps and platforms from outside

The Bad

  1. Can be hard to set up and get working.
  2. Compared to some other CRM options, prices may be higher.


Q: Can I customize a cloud CRM software to fit my business needs?

A: Many cloud-based CRM software packages let you customize the system to meet the needs of your business. This can include setting up fields, workflows, and automations, as well as integrating with other business apps. Depending on the CRM software company and the plan you choose, you may or may not be able to change how much.

Q: How much does cloud CRM software cost?

A: The price of cloud CRM software depends on things like the features it has, the amount of people who use it, and the CRM provider. Pricing models can include monthly or yearly subscription fees per user, plus extra costs for advanced features or more storage. To find the best CRM software for your business, you should think about what it needs and compare price plans from different companies.

Q: Is training and support available for cloud CRM software?

A: Most cloud CRM software providers do give training materials, documentation, and customer support to help users learn how to use the software and get the most out of it. This can include tutorials, user guides, frequently asked questions, and even live chat or phone help in some cases. Before choosing a CRM software provider, it’s a good idea to look at the available resources and support channels and see what amount of support they offer.

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