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The 6 Best final fantasy games (2023) of all time

The Best Games from an Influential JRPG Series.

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Best final fantasy games

In the world of video games, the Final Fantasy series is very important and influential. Since the first Final Fantasy game on the NES, it has always pushed the limits and changed, setting new standards for the whole genre. Each game in the series with a number has brought something new and different, whether it was a new setting, interesting characters, or a new way to fight. This makes Final Fantasy stand out, but it also makes it hard to pick the best game in the series.

As we eagerly wait for the release of Final Fantasy XVI, which promises to change the series again, it’s a good idea to look back at the previous mainline games and rank our favorites. For this list, we’ll only look at the main Final Fantasy games and not include spin-offs or direct sequels like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Final Fantasy X-2, or Final Fantasy Tactics.

Final Fantasy is a Japanese role-playing game set in a fantasy world. It was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987. But it wasn’t until the Super Nintendo games came out in the 1990s that the series really became a part of culture. The franchise did very well when it went from 2D to 3D on the PlayStation 1, so it started taking more risks after that. This meant trying out different battle systems, getting rid of turn-based combat, and even trying out massively multiplayer online games (MMOs). Final Fantasy XVI, which is coming out soon, will be a character-action game.

For people who have never played a Final Fantasy game before, it can be hard to decide where to start. Most of the games in the series are at least good, and many are considered great. A few of them are even considered masterpieces. So, we decided to take on the challenge of ranking all of the best Final Fantasy games, making a complete guide for fans and people who have never played them before.

Best final fantasy games Comparison Table

Final Fantasy I1990NoOriginal
Final Fantasy IV3DRemakeOriginal
Final Fantasy XII2006NoOriginal
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeNoRemake2017
Final Fantasy XIV2013NoOriginal
Final Fantasy Be: WOTVN/ANoOriginal

1. Final Fantasy I (1990)

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Best final fantasy games
Classic RPGEmbark on an epic quest in a traditional turn-based RPG
Party SystemForm a party of diverse characters with unique abilities
Challenging BattlesEngage in strategic battles against a variety of enemies
Job SystemCustomize your characters’ abilities with the versatile job system
Expansive WorldExplore a vast and immersive fantasy world

I can’t help it, but I really like this game. Some people think that Final Fantasy III is the better NES game, but I find Final Fantasy I so charming and simple that I play it every few years. It’s right up there with Dragon Quest as a simple game to play in between more complicated ones. It’s not the best way to get into the series now, but every RPG fan should at least once get knocked down by Garland.

The Good

  1. Fans of the series can enjoy a nostalgic game experience
  2. Simple yet engaging storyline
  3. Gameplay that is hard for those who want a challenge

The Bad

  1. Compared to newer games, the graphics are old.
  2. Few ways for a character to grow

2. Final Fantasy XII (2006)

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Best final fantasy games
Compelling StoryExperience a captivating narrative filled with twists and turns
Active Time BattleEngage in dynamic battles with a real-time turn-based system
Character GrowthDevelop your characters’ abilities and skills as the story progresses
Summoning EidolonsUnleash powerful summoned creatures to aid you in battle
Augmented RealityInteract with the game’s world using the innovative AR feature

In a world full of war, it’s up to a group of young rebels to save their country from an evil kingdom that wants to take over the world. The classic turn-based battle system of Final Fantasy was turned on its head in Final Fantasy XII. The action happens in real time, and characters fight automatically using a pre-programmed system of “gambits” that the player creates. Basically, you set up your party before a fight, watch them go, and make changes as they go. It was a new system that could go wrong, but for a show about new ideas, the chance was worth it.

The Good

  1. Characters that are well-developed and add to the story.
  2. The Active Time Battle system is a unique way to play.
  3. Nobuo Uematsu wrote a memorable score for the movie.

The Bad

  1. Some may think the level of difficulty is too high.
  2. Few places to explore and open-world parts

3. Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)

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Best final fantasy games
Gambit SystemCustomize your party members’ AI behavior in battles
Open-World SettingExplore the vast and visually stunning world of Ivalice
License BoardTailor your characters’ abilities and equipment progression
Active Dimension Battle SystemEngage in seamless battles with no transitions
Extensive Side QuestsEmbark on optional quests and discover hidden treasures

Final Fantasy IV was the first in the series to have a real story with people you liked and disliked. Their relationships and personalities were often shown in their job classes and character skills. There’s the moody old dragoon Kain and his unrequited love for the white mage Rosa, Cecil’s change from a conflicted dark knight to a righteous world-saving paladi.

The super cool ninja Edge who runs away when he’s embarrassed, the slightly useless bard Edward who just can’t get his act together to tell his dear Anna he loves her, and the mischievous mage twins Palom and Porom who you decide And who could forget Rydia, the child summoner who isn’t very good for the first half of the game but then becomes the best beast master ever when STUFF HAPPENS? Did I say that you can also ride a whale to the moon?

The Good

  1. Beautifully made world with a lot of history and detailed settings.
  2. The innovative Gambit System gives battles more tactical options.
  3. There are a lot of side quests and extra things you can do to make the game last longer.

The Bad

  1. Storyline and character development choices that have been criticized
  2. There is no traditional way to manage a party or change a character.

4. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Best final fantasy games
Job SystemAssign each character a specific job with unique abilities
Remastered GraphicsExperience enhanced visuals and improved character models
Turbo ModeSpeed up gameplay to progress through the game more quickly
Trial ModeTake on challenging battles in a series of consecutive stages
Improved SoundtrackEnjoy a reorchestrated musical score by Hitoshi Sakimoto

The remastered version of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on Switch is a great version of a great game. The Gambit-focused combat system is still a triumph, and even though the graphics are starting to show their age and the story doesn’t blow us away like some other games in the series, we still think this is a Fine-al Fantasy.

The Good

  1. Changes to the job system add depth and options for customization
  2. Visually improved graphics give the game a new lease on life. Turbo Mode lets you play faster and move through the levels more easily.

The Bad

  1. Some people might like the way the original game looked better than the remastered version.

5. Final Fantasy XIV (2013)

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Best final fantasy games
MMORPG ExperienceDive into a vast online world with a thriving player community
Robust Job SystemChoose from a variety of classes and professions for your character
Engaging StorylineFollow an epic narrative filled with memorable characters
Dynamic BattlesParticipate in thrilling real-time combat encounters
Extensive ContentEnjoy a wide range of quests, dungeons, raids, and PvP battles

This was the hardest to rank out of all the things on this list. Final Fantasy XIV is by far the video game I have spent the most time playing. From A Realm Reborn to Endwalker, this is definitely one of the best stoFINAL FANTASY BE: WOTVries in the history of video games. I love this game very much, but putting an MMORPG on the same level as a single-player RPG is like putting french fries in a potato field. How do you compare something that is so different from the rest of the series?

After a lot of thought, I came up with this compromise: if you are new to the Final Fantasy series, play the games after this one. If you only look at single-player games, Final Fantasy XIV’s main storyline is slow and doesn’t offer as much fun per minute as other games. You’ll not only understand why so many people like this series, but you’ll also get most of the references to the series’ past that Final Fantasy XIV makes. With this knowledge, you should be ready to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV to the fullest. So, if you just want a great MMORPG, go ahead and start playing Final Fantasy XIV right away.

The Good

  1. Immersive online world that is always changing
  2. The story has a lot of depth and is very interesting.
  3. Job systems that are varied and flexible make it possible for characters to grow in their own ways.

The Bad

  1. Some players may not like the subscription-based model.

6. Final Fantasy Be: WOTV

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Best final fantasy games
Tactical Strategy RPGEngage in strategic battles with a focus on positioning and tactics
Collaborative GameplayForm alliances and participate in cooperative multiplayer events
Iconic Final Fantasy CharactersRecruit and build teams with beloved characters from the series
Competitive PvP ModesTest your skills against other players in exciting PvP battles
Ongoing Content UpdatesExperience regular updates and new content to keep the game fresh

FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV puts users in charge of their own party. It has flexible combat that rewards creativity, different types of missions that move the story forward, and a lot of quality-of-life choices to make users feel at home.

Use the 3D terrain’s raised areas to get the drop on enemies and kill them with skills that are unique to each character. As you play, you can add more people to your party to make it more powerful. FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV is fun because it has a lot of different game types and events, and the story makes it even better.

The Good

  1. The game is a unique mix of tactical RPG and Final Fantasy elements.
  2. Collaborative features in multiplayer games encourage teamwork and socializing.
  3. Updates and events that happen often keep players interested.

The Bad

  1. Gacha mechanics may need a lot of money to work well for team building.


What are the best Final Fantasy games?

The best Final Fantasy games are different for each person and depend on what they like. But Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIV (MMORPG) are often thought to be some of the best games in the series. Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy Tactics are also well-known games. In the end, the “best” game will depend on your personal preferences and what you look for in a game, such as its story, characters, gameplay mechanics, and graphics.

Are the Final Fantasy games connected?

Most of the main Final Fantasy games can be played on their own and have their own worlds, characters, and stories. Some games, though, take place in the same universe or have similar themes. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy XII, for example, all take place in the world of Ivalice, but at different times and with different stories. The stories in Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII all connect to each other. Final Fantasy XIV is also a massively multiplayer online game that gets new updates and add-ons that build on what was already there when it came out.

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