Best IP Scanners for Mac

Best IP Scanners for Mac

There is only one method to tell for certain what IP addresses are in use on a network. You must connect to each one and see if it responds. It is a long, monotonous, and time-consuming procedure that is frequently completed with the ping command. Ping has been around for a long time and is one of the finest techniques to test connection to a specific IP address. However, if you need to scan a whole network with perhaps hundreds of IP addresses, you’ll quickly discover that employing a program that does it for you is a superior option.

If you’re a Mac user seeking for a utility that automates IP address scanning, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ve done a lot of the legwork for you, and we’re going to go through some of the finest IP scanners for Mac OS X. We’ll start by talking about IP address scanning in general. We’ll go through the many reasons for scanning IP addresses since, as much as it’s useful to know which IP addresses are in use, there needs to be a justification for doing so. The ping utility will next be examined in further depth. Ping is not a scanning tool, although it is the foundation of many IP address scanning programs. Below we have mentioned some of the best IP Scanners for Mac.

Best IP Scanners for Mac

Angry IP Scanner

As one of the first and most extensively used IP scanning tools, Angry IP Scanner is a simple, quick, and user-friendly solution that is ideal for beginners. It is a free and open-source project that is accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. It can search both your local network and the Internet. All you have to do is input an IP range and push proceed, then wait.

The program displays a list of all available IP addresses in the range. Open ports, listening services, domain names, and ping times are all examples of this It may also be used to scan particular hosts or collect NetBIOS information. It is also extendable through plugins. As a result, any Java programmer may improve on the source code. Overall, this is one of the best IP Scanners for Mac that you can download. you can also read more information on its official website.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a basic LAN administration tool. It is a free tool that allows you to easily scan any network and utilise its available resources. It returns a list of all available devices, together with their IP address, manufacturer, and MAC address. You may then dive down on each device to see what capabilities are available, such as shared folders. This is the best IP Scanners for Mac.

You can also use Radmin to connect to other computers, giving you additional control over the system, including the ability to turn it off remotely. On the negative side, Advanced IP Scanner lacks port scanning and other network analysis tools. However, it is an excellent tool for monitoring a basic network. It has almost 60 million downloads.

Network Scanner

First Row’s Network Scanner is a free, ad-supported IP scanning tool. Network Scanner may create a report of all devices on your network and collect data such as IP address, MAC address, ping, hostname, and vendor. You may also use Network Scanner to ping devices, traceroute, check for ports, and perform wake on LAN. You can eliminate the app’s advertisements for a one-time charge. For now, this is one of the best IP Scanners for Mac you can consider.


Fing is another free IP scanner that may create a list of network devices. It collects IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer information, same like Network Scanner. Fing, on the other hand, can give advanced analysis of NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, and Bonjour names and attributes, unlike Network Scanner. Fing supports port scanning, traceroute, DNS search, and device ping. It also comes with a network speed test tool. Fing is free, however there is a paid edition that incorporates more IT and security capabilities. Currently, this is the best IP Scanners for Mac you can check now.


Hping is a free command-line utility that is based on ping. It is available for Mac OS X, most Unix-like operating systems, and Windows. Although it is no longer being developed, it is still widely used, demonstrating how useful it is. The tool is similar to ping, however there are significant differences. For starters, Hping will not simply issue ICMP echo queries. Actually, it can send TCP, UDP, or RAW-IP packets. It also has a traceroute mode and the ability to transmit files manager.


This one is almost as ancient as ping; Nmap has been around for a long time and is often used for network mapping (thus the name) and various other activities. Overall, this is the best IP Scanners for Mac you can consider.

Nmap, for example, may be used to scan a range of IP addresses in order to reply to hosts and open IP ports. However, this is a command-line program for those who prefer graphical user interfaces. Its creators have released Zenmap, a graphical user interface for this sophisticated program. Both programs may be installed on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix.


Digital developers looking for the finest protection for their web assets should look into Acunetix’s corporate security and pen-testing solution. This scanner can find over 7,000 online vulnerabilities, which you can address to save your organization time and money.

These flaws include anything from weak passwords to exposed databases, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting. Acunetix is also quick and simple, with automation features to simplify your life. It also comes with a vulnerability management system. Integration with other popular trackers such as GitHub and Bugzilla makes operations easier.


If you are on a tight budget and are unwilling to pay a premium for a network scanner, the Nmap utility is your best option. This is because it delivers high-quality service by scanning the network. You will receive information about the device’s network connection and other device-specific characteristics. The network mapper tool’s finest feature is that it allows you to scan networks on a big scale.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about scanning a few networks before going on to the next group. The Nmap utility assists you in discovering unfamiliar devices and conducting a security assessment. Because it is an open-source program that allows for large-scale scanning, you must provide the IP range else the tool will scan all IPs, which takes a long time.

Final Words

Network scanning identifies security flaws and network vulnerabilities that can be readily abused to cause harm to your laptop. As a result, whether you are a network manager or tester, network scanning can help you improve network security and lower the likelihood of a breach. Fortunately, IP scanners are now available to help with this procedure.

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