Best » The 5 Best Office Apps for Android (2023) high-quality

The 5 Best Office Apps for Android (2023) high-quality

Best Android office applications are some of the most productive tools available on the platform.

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Best Office Apps for Android

The days when work could only be done in an office are over. With the convenience of smartphones and a wide range of powerful productivity apps, you can now view and work on your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from anywhere. Over time, the Google Play Store has gotten a lot better at offering high-quality office apps, so you no longer have to settle.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not you can find office apps for your Android device; now, the question is which amazing set of apps fits your needs the best. The bar has been raised, and you now have a lot of good choices for a smooth and useful mobile office experience.

Best Office Apps for Android Comparison Table

App NameCloud StorageDocument EditingPDF SupportCollaborationDownload Link
Google DriveYesLimited functionalityNoYesDownload Now
Microsoft OfficeYes (OneDrive)Word, Excel, PowerPointBasic viewingYesDownload Now
Xodo PDF Reader & EditorNoNoFull-featured editingLimited collaborationDownload Now
Polaris OfficeYesWord, Excel, PowerPointLimited functionalityYesDownload Now
QuipNoLimited functionalityNoYesDownload Now

1. Google Drive

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Best Office Apps for Android
Cloud storageStore and access files from anywhere
File sharingEasily share files with others
CollaborationReal-time editing and commenting on documents
File organizationFolders, labels, and search functionality
IntegrationSeamless integration with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Our readers like Google Drive a lot. It has a full set of office apps, including a PDF Viewer, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and, of course, Google Drive. Drive is the center. It’s just an app for cloud storage where you can look at your files and make new ones.

Recently, Google made its Google Workspace service free. It adds more tools and integrations to Gmail. For example, it has a chat function. It might be too much for individual use, and we can’t promise that it will always be free. But it’s still a great choice overall, and for now at least, it’s free.

The Good

  1. A lot of free room to store things
  2. Simple to work with others

The Bad

  1. It doesn’t work well with other Google apps.

Microsoft Office

Best Office Apps for Android
Document editingWord processing, spreadsheets, presentations
Cloud storageStore and access files with OneDrive
CollaborationReal-time co-authoring and commenting
Advanced formattingRich text formatting and styling options
IntegrationSeamless integration with Microsoft apps

The publication of Microsoft’s Office apps for mobile devices was a drawn-out process. Once they were, they were immediately elevated to the ranks of the finest. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all available for free download on the Microsoft website. The vast majority of their functionality can be accessed totally free of charge.

You will get access to the vast majority of the editing tools, be able to open and save files, and even more. Using OneDrive, you can synchronize those files to your local computer’s desktop. You can sign up for a subscription to Office 365, which will allow you to access certain additional features. On the other hand, it is not required for the fundamentals.

The Good

  1. Interface and features that are familiar
  2. Many choices for formatting and editing
  3. Integrates well with the Microsoft environment.

The Bad

  1. For full functions, you have to pay for a subscription.
  2. May use a lot of resources on some machines

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Best Office Apps for Android
PDF viewingRead and annotate PDF files
Document editingFill forms, sign documents, and highlight text
Cloud storageAccess PDFs from various cloud services
Sync across devicesSynchronize files and annotations
CollaborationShare and review PDFs with others

The one thing that none of these apps can do is make, change, or add notes to PDFs on your phone. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is the tool you need to complete your mobile office suite for this purpose. The free program has everything you could need to handle PDFs on your phone, and it’s very easy to use.

With Xodo, you can turn images, papers, and web pages into PDFs. You can even make a blank PDF that you can fill with your own text or handwriting parts. The app makes it easy to combine multiple PDFs into a single file, and you can also change current PDFs to add, remove, or rearrange their pages.

The Good

  1. Powerful tools for changing PDFs and adding notes
  2. Easy to use and smooth layout
  3. Integration with cloud storage services is smooth.

The Bad

  1. Compared to full office suites, it has less features.
  2. Some functions that are more complex may require a paid version.

3. Polaris Office

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Best Office Apps for Android
Document editingWord processing, spreadsheets, presentations
Cloud storageAccess files from various cloud services
CollaborationReal-time co-editing and commenting
Mobile-friendlyOptimized interface for mobile devices
Offline functionalityWork on documents without an internet connection

The last thing on our list is Polaris Office. Even though we brought it up at the end, it is not less than any of its rivals. The Polaris Android Office suite is a great tool with a lot of great features and functions. It has all the features that a person could need. It has everything, from being able to edit and create papers to being able to sign PDFs.

Even though Polaris Office is free, the free version has too many ads that will get in the way of your job. During my time with Trial, I came to realize that the only way to use Polaris Office well and get real work done is to pay for it.

The Good

  1. On mobile devices, a full office suite
  2. Files from Microsoft Office can be opened without any problems.
  3. Several cloud storage systems are supported.

The Bad

  1. Some tools may not be available in the free version.
  2. Some people may prefer a more desktop-like experience

4. Quip

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Best Office Apps for Android
Document collaborationReal-time editing and commenting on documents
Task managementCreate and assign tasks within documents
Chat and messagingCommunicate with team members in-app
Version controlTrack and restore document revisions
IntegrationIntegration with other productivity tools

The free office tool Quip has a selection of functions that are adequate but not extensive. It allows for the documents to be collaborated on with other people. You are able to converse with other individuals while editing documents.

There is support for spreadsheets, syncing between several devices, support for working offline, cloud storage, and more. However, in comparison to other office apps, this program is not particularly well-known, despite the fact that it is a superior application.

The Good

  1. A lot of free room to store things
  2. Simple to work with others
  3. Cons: It doesn’t work well with other Google apps.

The Bad

  1. There isn’t much you can do offline without file syncing.
  2. Some of the more advanced tools need to be paid for.


Q8: Are these office apps compatible with Microsoft Office files?

Yes, most office apps on Android are compatible with Microsoft Office file types like.docx,.xlsx, and.pptx. Files in these forms can be opened, changed, and saved without any problems.

Q9: Are there any specialized office apps for specific tasks, such as spreadsheets or presentations?

Yes, some business apps are better at doing certain things. For example, Google Sheets is just for managing spreadsheets, while PowerPoint and Google Slides are just for making and changing presentations. Users can choose apps that are just right for them.

Q10: Can I customize the appearance and settings of these office apps?

Yes, most office apps let you change things like the style, fonts, and templates. Users can change their area to fit their needs and improve their ability to get work done.

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