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The Best Key­boards for iOS With Tactile Feedback

by Swati Seth
3 minutes read
Best Key­boards for iOS With Tactile Feedback

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Best Key­boards for iOS With Tactile Feedback – Guide

After neglecting third-party keyboards for years, Apple has finally added support for them with the iOS 8 update. Development has seen the arrival of popular keyboards like SwiftKey, Gboard, Fleksy, etc. At the same time, Apple continued to add more functions to the standard iOS keyboard. However, it still lacks a basic function called tactile feedback.

Phone devotees wouldn’t notice, but Android people will certainly roll their eyes when typing on the standard keyboard. The exclusion is surprising because Apple uses one of the best vibration engines in the industry. we’ll talk about keyboard apps that support tactile feedback and how to activate them in the settings menu.

Third-party keyboard apps help improve keyboard efficiency. A large number of iPhone keyboard apps are available in the iOS app store now that can improve your typing experience.

Best iOS keyboards with tactile feedback

Microsoft SwiftKey

Swiftkey Keyboard is the most popular keyboard app available in iOS app store as well as in games store now. It is quite popular among Android users due to its uniqueness. features. In my opinion, it’s the best and most noticeable feature is the automatic correction feature which effectively detects incorrect types and fixes them for you. Furthermore, it also comes with emoji prediction which automatically predicts the most suitable emojis while typing. Those features make it stand out first on the list.

O feature list includes all bells and whistles including emoji, GIF support and my favorite clipboard module. You can add some of your most used phrases or words to the clipboard section for easy access.

One of the reasons most people prefer SwiftKey over its rivals is superior auto-suggestions and next-word prediction. Apps like Gboard provide the next word suggestion based on the majority type. SwiftKey uses a more personalized approach for better results.

grammar keyboard

Grammarly is one of the best keyboards today. the most prominent feature This ios keyboard app is detailed grammar review that is unmatched by any other spell checker. It provides information on punctuation, spell checking, and ​​incorrectly used highlights words. The keyboard app also helps you to increase your vocabulary and provides synonyms. This attribute makes it an ideal app.

It is an essential tool for anyone wanting to avoid embarrassing grammatical errors. The company has added support for tactile feedback on secondary lines. Access the settings and activate the button to feel the keys when typing. Language support is strictly limited to English. You can only select American, Australian, British and Canadian English.

Along with that, there are emojis and automatic correction. features and offer you the creation of your own dictionary. Whether you want to compose a quick email or write a long report, this keyboard helps you. Ultimately, Grammarly’s real-time essay feedback will help you ensure your work is tip-main.

Google Gboard

Gboard is also one of the most popular keyboard apps. It is quite famous and offers a small ‘Google’ button in the app that can be used to search the web. The best thing about this is that you can use it without leaving your current app. It can transform the look of your keyboard app and includes features like finger typing, a spacebar for the trackpad, etc.

Gboard is full of fun elements. It incorporates emojis, stickers, GIFs and even integrates handwriting recognition with an integrated drawing board. With Gboard, Google is trying to build an ecosystem around its software and services. You can do a Google search and submit the results without leaving the app.

With Gboard, Android users will feel good about home on iOS. The settings, layout and theme selection are identical to Android.

TouchPal Keyboard

The TouchPal keyboard is also a good choice with a number of keyboard themes to apply. Along with that, it also offers users slip typing, auto correction, words suggestions, emoji predictions and more. Some keyboards, such as SwiftKey, can be connected to your email or social media channels to customize your language and dictionary.

The TouchPal keyboard has two basic input methods, which are tap and swipe. At the top of the keyboard you will see several icons. The first one looks like a finger, and if you tap it, you’ll see the settings to turn on Curve (word gesture) and Wave (phrase gesture). You’ll also see options to turn autocorrection on or off, one-hand layout (smaller size), keyboard resize, and more. The next icon is a set of 3 EN boxes.

Touching it shows 3 layouts, layout T + (2 letters per key), layout T 12 which looks like a phone keyboard and T6, which resembles the standard keyboard. However, TouchPal cannot do this due to which it could not occupy a place in the top five. Still, like most smartphone keyboards, it learns as you type with its AI capabilities. The more you cover particular phrases and words, the greater the chance that those words would appear in sequence as recommendations on the line above the keyboard.


The main purpose of Phraseboard is to make your work easier and more agile. It allows you to save your frequently used phrases. And it makes work more convenient for you. We can also make our own custom short sentences and organize them by genre. Also, we can instantly access the phrase board widget to make new phrases. This keyboard is being loved by many because of its instant response.

If you often find yourself typing the same pet phrases into your phone when sending text messages or writing emails, point your finger at this new keyboard app for iOS 8. The Phraseboard, as the name suggests, lets you quickly scroll through a series of sentences and tap once to type an entire sentence of your choice, like ‘On my way home’or’ Yo dawg, s’up.

Phraseboard is used by thousands of users who love to use phrases in their communication. Users can instantly access the Phraseboard widget to make new phrases as you launch it on your iPhone. Plus, you don’t have to worry about reinstalling the phrase board as all phrases are synced to iCloud. Finally, the phrase board allows you to learn new phrases in an exciting way.


The Fleksy Keyboard gives users a fun way to type in their own style. You can even change this keyboard with powerful extensions and over 55 themes. Most themes are free, but some are also paid. More than 800 emojis come with this app. And not just because the app has its own built-in GIF search engine.

The keyboard also supports more than 40 languages. This includes English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese and more. You can also try out Flesky extensions like hotkeys, number line, cursor control, one-hand typing, rainbow keys and more.

Fleksy uses next generation autocorrection feature so you can type easily and accurately without even looking. Thus, it saves a lot of time with its record speed. Currently, the iPhone Keyboard has accumulated 20 million downloads on iOS and Android for over 10 years. In addition, it has already won several awards and maintains a great image.

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