The Best Apps for Time Track­ing for Mac and iOS

Best Apps for Time Track­ing for Mac and iOS

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Best Apps for Time Track­ing for Mac and iOS – Guide

A time tracking app is a key time management tool that can help you and your team become more organized, efficient, and get things done. The fact is there are hundreds of time tracking apps available with countless features. Productivity, GPS tracking, management, billing – the list goes on and on.

Time tracking apps can take your productivity to the next level. With so many iPhone and mac OS employee time tracking apps available on the market, none of them are perfect. Some are specially designed for individual freelancers, while others aim to make life easier for managers.

Searching for Mac time tracking apps can take a while. There are a lot of fish in the weather tracking sea, which can make it time-consuming to find an app that suits your needs. Also, many of the Mac time tracking apps look, if not similar, very similar. So, to understand which tool works best for you, you need to try them all. But who has time for that nowadays.

Best time tracking apps for Mac and iOS


Creating timesheets is another tedious task added to the long list of tasks your remote workers need to complete. Therefore, you want to make the process as simple as possible.

Well, if you want to make tracking Mac time easier for your employees, you should use Tyme. Allows you to define up a custom keyboard shortcut to launch the app quickly. What’s more, every action in the app has a corresponding shortcut key. You may not even need to use your mouse to operate the tool.

The Tyme time tracking app is very easy to get started and the clear focus on details makes it happy to use. The iOS version of this app has an excellent set of controls, while the desktop version uses keyboard shortcuts to make recording easier. Tyme’s app dashboard gives you a complete overview of your current customers and the most used entries for each.


Harvest is a time tracking application and expense tracking tool that allows you to track the time spent on each individual project or task. It then collects the data and creates intuitive visual reports that make it easy to see what your team is working on and make smart decisions about your business.

Project-based workers, this time tracking tool is for you. Meet Harvest, a time tracking app for Mac users who need to keep track of time spent on projects and tasks. Harvest also controls your invoices and revenue stream – Stripe and Paypal integrations make this even more convenient.

One of the best advantages of the harvest time tracking app is that it not only runs on your Mac app, but is also available in your web browser and phone and even on your Apple Watch. After completing your task in the work cycle, you can immediately convert your hours worked into invoices.

Please note

Qbserve is a Mac application for automatic time tracking and productivity tracking software, especially useful for people who tend to procrastinate. The app only tracks time when it detects a certain set of keywords in a document, URL, or app title. You set these keywords when you start using the app, and you can add new keywords at any time.

Qbserve is definitely one of the best time tracking apps for Mac. It is automatic time and productivity tracking software for Mac users that tracks time by detecting a specific set of keywords in a document, URL or application title which you are working with. Keywords are defined by the application user and can be adjusted along the way.

In addition, Qbserve tracks your productivity by analyzing time spent on productive, neutral, or unproductive URLs and applications. Qbserve also sends an alert if you’ve spent too much time being unproductive.


If you’re part of a team and are looking to keep track of the time you and they spend on projects, Clockify is the work time tracking software that can help you do that really well with features such as stopwatch and default design. The timer itself is a timer that helps your team start and stop work, and the default project works with it, being the default start timer that will automatically allocate time to the project of your choice.

There’s even a reminder if someone forgets to start the timer. Finally, Clockify provides visually pleasing reports ​​for you to see as a way to evaluate which projects up most of your team’s time, giving rise to better management of you and your team’s efforts.

Last but not least on our list of the best time tracking apps for Mac is Clockify. It’s a Mac time tracker, which relies on timers to record your working hours. there is no such features like productivity or efficiency analysis, offline time tracking or shift scheduling, but its main asset is the free version that covers basic time tracking needs.


If you’re on a budget, Fanurio is an economical option to work with. For small teams or freelancers, it’s very flexible when it comes to registration – you can add expenses, register products, modify the billing task in hours or units, etc.

You can control your time in many different ways with Fanurio. You can open up the app to manage the timer, but you can also choose settings (start or stop) from the drop-down menu in the menu bar. To help you get out of other busy schedules, this time tracker app reminds you to stop, start or pause your timer depending on your regular work patterns.

Moving forward with the best time management apps for Mac – meet Fanurio. While this simple time-tracking tool might not stand out with a mesmerizing design, it’s affordable, Mac-friendly time-tracking software that does the job.


Hubstaff, like Time Doctor, offers similar time tracking, employee monitoring, and project management capabilities. features. The main difference, however, is that Hubstaff lets you control your time and your employees anywhere. It is a time tracking application for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as for mobile devices, so you can keep up with your employees even when they’re on the road or out of the office.

Without a doubt, Hubstaff is one of the best Mac time tracking platforms that works great for freelancers and remote workers. Employees record time, and employers can check time records with timesheets and screen shots to confirm the employee has kept to proper working hours.

With Hubstaff, you can easily rearrange timesheets created by the time tracking application. You can also choose the number of customers you would like to invite as viewers to check activity levels. It also comes with detailed reports, providing insights and other related data for quick decision making. Hubstaff is used by over 8,500 remote teams around the world, it runs on different operating systems and platforms including Android, Linux, iOS and Windows.


Unlike most apps that want you to stay focused on the present, you start, pause or stop the timer according to the moment you are doing, this timely time tracking app focuses on the future. So, if you want to schedule your meeting with a client for the next Thursday, integrate it with the calendar tool available in the Timely app and then your meeting will automatically appear. up in the app.

Unlike the other options on this list, Timely stands out as an automatic tracking software as perfect as you can imagine, as it records everything all the time: GPS locations, emails, meetings, documents and websites. This means that with Timely you’ll never have to start a timer again, allowing you to maintain the peace and quiet you need to stay focused and not be sidetracked or interrupted. To add to that, Timely generally requires very little interaction until there is a need to get reports for any work that is billable.


Klok, the time tracking app allows you to modify the organization of projects and organizations. It visually displays the task and time and automatically starts the timer when you start working at your desk. You can adjust the time later.

Klokki is another automatic time tracking tool among the best time management apps for Mac listed in this article. This Mac-only tool offers rules-based time tracking – you can set your specific automated time tracking rules, and Klokki will start tracking hours as soon as it detects a “trigger”.

This time tracking app works best on Mac and iPhone and helps you divide work into categories so you can see how much time you spend in meetings versus time spent in in-person marketing. One of the main benefits of using this time to track the app is that it saves time and data used in previous projects to give you an estimate of the amount of time needed for projects in the future.

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