The Best File sharing Apps From PC to iOS Using Wi-Fi

Best File sharing Apps From PC to iOS Using Wi-Fi

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Best File sharing Apps From PC to iOS Using Wi-Fi – Guide

If you’ve been using Apple’s iPhone for a while, you should know that the mobile Operating system does not work well with other operating systems like Windows, Linux and Android. iPhone users often complain about the lack of apps to transfer files from iOS to PC via Wi-Fi.

If we talk about file transfer, there is a shortage of WiFi file transfer apps. However, there are still some of the best ones available in the iOS app store that allow wireless file transfer via WiFi.

It’s impossible for anyone to use Apple’s iPhone, not to mention it’s a bit boring to transfer files and photos between different Android smartphone manufacturers. This is where these free apps come in handy as they allow you to bulk transfer files via WIFI or Bluetooth over your own network without going over the internet.

Best PC to iOS file transfer apps using Wi-Fi

Air Transfer

Air Transfer is possibly the best and oldest iPhone file transfer app available on the iOS app store. With this app, you can transfer files quickly between PC and iPhone or from iPhone to PC. To use this app, you need to ensure your desktop and iDevice are connected to the same wireless network.

Air transfer is a mobile web application and service that allows you to send money easily, quickly and securely from anywhere in the world. It is based on a P2P exchange model in which the customer knows the fees before the transaction is processed and the costs are much lower than those normally charged by banks. In addition, customers have a variety of tools at their disposal to control their banking activities, including the ability to review past transactions and view the status of all transfers.


SHAREit is another good iOS to Android transfer app. It is widely used by many people to share various types of data. It gained great popularity just because of the high transfer speed. it’s remarkable features which make this app very useful and versatile.

Well, SHAREit is in the news for a lot of reasons, but it’s still a great app for transferring files between devices. SHAREit is a cross-platform tool that requires a WiFi connection to exchange data. With SHAREit, you can share photos, videos, audios and other file types wirelessly on your phone or computer.

To use Shareit, open the app on your iPhone and tap ‘Connect now’ button. Now on your Windows 10 PC, tap ‘Scan to connect’ and scan the QR code to finish the connection process. Once connected, you can transfer any type of file from iOS to Windows PC.


AirDroid is a great app to control your Android mobile from a seamless web interface or desktop. He achieves this with the first handshake with his mobile device on an active Internet network and initiating a communication channel.

Airdroid is a unique and useful app that allows you to transfer files, send SMS messages and control your phone through your PC. It is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and provides a useful alternative if you need to get a file but don’t have a USB cable available. Although Windows has a full rich client that allows easy access to features, those of us on Linux need to use the web-based interface, but that doesn’t make the app any less useful.

AirDroid is the easiest and best way to transfer files between devices. With AirDroid, you can transfer files between Android to Windows or Windows to Android, iOS to Windows, iOS to Mac and more. The good thing about AirDroid is that it doesn’t require any desktop client installation. You can use AirDroid right from your web browser.

cloud storage services

Cloud storage services may not be a suitable solution for transferring files between iOS and PC, but if you have unlimited, high-speed Internet, you can trust it. The advantage of using Cloud Storage services is that you will have your files stored securely for longer. Even if you don’t want to download files from cloud storage, you can access them whenever you want. The range of features of cloud-based storage services is incredible. Many of them are specialized in a specific area. For example, Dropbox and SugarSync focus on keeping a synced folder accessible anywhere.

SpiderOak emphasizes safety. Some cloud storage services, such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, are generalists, offering not only folder and file sync, but also media playback and device sync. These products also function as collaboration software, offering real-time document co-editing.

Cloud storage services increase Internet consumption rates but also reduce storage usage. Cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive automatically sync content across all connected devices. You need to log in with the cloud account on their respective devices.


FSharing may not be a top-rated iOS file sharing app for Windows, but it still does its job very well. FSharing is an application that allows you to share files such as images, videos, audio and documents over a wireless network. When you want to copy files, photos, music from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), you usually connect to a computer and open the iTunes app to transfer files to your computer, it’s a complicated way and not an easy task for users normal.

FSharing with its powerful sharing capability provides an easy way to transfer files between your iOS devices and other devices like PC, laptops and other iOS devices. Makes your iOS devices visible and accessible from other devices as long as they are on the same network (corporate network, Wi-Fi network or Hotspot network).

In addition to exclusive sharing feature, FSharing is a powerful file manager, perfect for viewing Word or Excel documents, opening zip files, PDFs, images, downloading web files, playing mp3 music and watching movies on iPhone. A quick search helps you find all the documents you need. The app basically turns your iOS devices into a shared WiFi drive, making it visible and accessible from your local network. What’s unique is that you can also access cloud storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive with FSharing.


From the beginning, Xender has been one of the most used Android file transfer apps to date. Like others, it transfers over Wi-Fi at a fast speed of up to 40 MB / s. One of your highlights features is that it can transfer an entire folder at once. Your “Phone Clone” feature it also allows you to copy all data from an old android device to a new one.

With Xender, users can easily share photos, music, and transfer files and even apps through a hotspot created by phone. Absolutely no other connections are required. And users can share files between devices on different platforms, Android, iOS or Windows. Xender has no file size limitations, which means users can upload large or small files. Of course, users need Xender installed on the mobile devices, but that’s about it, and the app is completely free.

I recently won a feature which allows you to convert incoming video files to MP3 format if you need to. Among others, it allows cross-platform file sharing between JioPhone, Android, iPhone, Windows PC and others.


Zapya remains one of the best file sharing apps for Android. In addition, it supports cross-platform sharing, allowing you to transfer files between your Android, iPhone, Windows and other compatible devices. Zapya is a free tool for wireless file sharing on different platforms and devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, PC and Mac computers.

It uses your tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot feature to connect to other phones and share files between them wirelessly. this fast guide, let’s show you how to connect iPhone to Android via Wi-Fi or hotspot and transfer files between them wirelessly using the free file sharing app. You can download this free file transfer app here before we get started.

It is one of the best all-in-one file sharing apps that allows you to connect and stream files between multiple devices at once. It also comes with “Speed ​​Optimization” tools that allow you to customize your connection setup and optimize it for fast speed. Like other better file transfer apps mentioned earlier, Zapya allows you to transfer all types of files between your devices.


XShare can transfer all types of files like music, videos, photos, apps, documents, etc. And with its highest transfer speed reaching 40MB/sec, XShare transfers your files as fast as possible.

XShare – File Fast Transfer is the world’s fastest file, photo and video sharing Android app. No connection required, no traffic, you can share your data with your friends very often and easily in just a few minutes. There is no connection restriction, you can access your files with anyone and anywhere you want.

It also provides QR code service to connect with another user, just scan your QR code on it and start sharing it. It’s the fastest and most universal app for data sharing on your Android mobile for tablets, you should know that if you want to transfer files quickly, you must keep the phones close to each other. It comes pre-installed on some TECNO and Infinix smartphones, and you can install it on any Android phone on the Play Store.

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