The Best Online Awe­some Board Games to play with Family and Friends

Best Online Awe­some Board Games to play with Family and Friends

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Best Online Awe­some Board Games to play with Family and Friends – Guide

Online board games are web-based or application-based versions of popular board or card games. For example, Battleship, Settlers of Catan and Boggle. The purpose of these games is to allow family members, friends, community members or co-workers to play together without being physically in the same space.

While we all follow key physical distance measures, kids are looking for new ways to connect with their friends and parents are in the market for new fun and engaging activities for their families. While a traditional family game night with grandma and grandpa might be out of the question, there are still many apps and web platforms that make it easier for families to virtually play their favorite games together.

With millions of people around the world practicing social distancing and staying in home, video games like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and versions of the “The Sims” franchise are more popular than ever. But as digital offerings reach new heights, virtual versions of beloved board games are thanks to a pre-pandemic boom into board game aficionados more accessible than imaginable.

The best awesome online board games to play with family and friends


Clue, also known as Cluedo, is a classic cop game that challenges players to uncover the details of a crime. The online multiplayer version of the game is available on Google Play, App Store, Nintendo Switch or Steam. In addition to the classic Mr. Body mansion setting, players can solve mysteries in new locations such as Dracula’s Castle or Hollywood.

A truly retro version of Clue – the murder mystery game that asks players to find out which character committed a crime, where the incident occurred and what weapon was used – is available for free at the arcade, but as you might expect, the outdated interface comes with limitations, most notably the inability to play with friends remotely.

Classic board game lovers will enjoy Clue, everyone’s favorite mystery game, where you try to be the first player to figure out which of the game’s characters committed murder, in which room, and with which weapon.


Codenames is one of the best multiplayer board games online. Setting up the online game is simple. First, create a room and adjust the settings and preferences. Then send the game link to friends, join a video call and start playing.

From that point on, players follow the normal game rules by splitting into a red team and a blue team, getting hints about codenames from the spymaster and trying to identify the codename cards that belong to the agents of the correct team.

you and your family split up up on two teams to track secret agents based on a special code words in this hit game. This is a good game for if you have teenagers in home, as it is recommended for ages 14 and up. But, if you want to play a more kid-friendly version, you can always choose Disney code names.

War ship

If you’re looking for a great game to play with just two players, Battleship is another classic that everyone will love to play. The goal? Place your ships on the playing field and try to guess where the other player’s ships are. The first to find all of the other’s warships wins.

Battleship is a guessing and memory game in which players race to sink each other’s ships. In the online version of Papergames’ game, you can find a random opponent, challenge a friend or start an online tournament. Instead of ships, the game uses colored skulls. Also, if you play regularly, you can earn coins to exchange for custom emojis and avatars.


Pandemic is one of the best board games to play online with co-workers, as the game is more about teamwork and cooperation than competition. The aim of the game is for each player to choose a role and work together to stop a worldwide epidemic. The online version of the game is available on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, desktops and video game consoles, and can support two to five players.

To play Pandemic, one to five players act as a team of experts equipped to contain and hopefully end a wave of viral outbreaks. Each player takes on a special role, such as a scientist, operations specialist or researcher; all functions come with their own unique abilities. The objective is to travel between cities and research centers, stopping the spread of four diseases and, at the same time, researching cures. If players find all four cures in time, they win the game.


Sagrada is an art- and puzzle-based board game that challenges players to design the most beautiful stained glass window for the famous La Sagrada Familia in Spain. The game rules dictate which dice players can use, because only certain numbers fit into slots without penalty. The digital version of the game includes vibrant colors and calming sounds, and has a co-op mode that accommodates multiple drafters in the same game.

Like the Barcelona cathedral that gives this game its name, the Sagrada is best known for its sumptuous visuals. Players take on the role of artisans in charge of bringing to life La Sagrada Familia’s stunning stained-glass windows, competing through “dice drawing” to create the most beautiful window ever.


Monopoly is one of the most loved board games to play with family and friends, making it an obvious choice for online board games. There are several ways to play Monopoly online, including downloading apps or tabletop simulators. Rento tends to be the easiest option.

The site allows up for six players and there is one feature to invite Facebook friends, as well as download options for smartphones and video game consoles. Users can choose from different boards, dice and pawns to keep the game interesting.


Scrabble, board and tile game in which two to four players compete to form words with lettered tiles on a 225 square board; words spelled by letters on the tiles intertwine as words in a crossword puzzle.

Players take seven pieces from a pool at the start and replenish their stock after each turn. The pool and other players’ pieces are kept secret so that the player can see only those pieces on the board and his own. A player may lose his turn and exchange any or all of his pieces for those in the pool.

Scrabble is one of the best free online games to play with friends. There are many ways to play the classic word game on the web, including using the app Words With friends or make your own board on Google Sheets. However, Pogo offers the most perfect online version of the game.


Tableopia has a wide selection of popular and semi-popular board games, but what really sets the site apart is its design and animation. If you’re looking for something prettier than Board Game Arena but with the same overall feel, Tableopia is where you’re at.

Good news for Dungeon Time players: The Tabletopia version of the game is now available, allowing them to play the game online with distant friends or just play it even if they don’t have their cards in hand. Tableopia is a cross-platform digital environment, an online arena for real-life board games.

Tableopia is a sandbox virtual table with high quality board games and ready-made settings. Already over 900 games and counting! Play however you want with anyone you want: guests don’t need accounts to play. Or make your own games, no programming skills required.

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