The Best Tem­plates in Google Sheets for Project Management

Best Tem­plates in Google Sheets for Project Management

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Best Tem­plates in Google Sheets for Project Management – Guide

Project managers have the daunting task of juggling multiple projects, monitoring statements, and supervising large teams of employees—and reporting back to senior management. Keeping track of various activities and deadlines can be a big headache. If your team is remote, it could be bad. As a result, there are a number of software online that promise to make the project manager’s life easier.

Unfortunately, project management tools often come at a high price. Also, they can actually increase the workload they claim to decrease. Staff need training, and managers can move information in and out of different applications. Additionally, teams can still rely on classic communication and data management tools to complete the bulk of their daily work. This usually includes email and spreadsheets.

If you’re already using Google Sheets, you should be familiar with its powerful sharing functions. Combined with real-time data synchronization, this makes it the ideal spreadsheet software for coordinating team-based tasks and projects. In fact, the cloud is so powerful that you can take Google Sheets cooperation to another level. With a project management template, you can create a fully automated system.

Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart and one of the best ways to manage a project phase. It allows you to have a graphical representation of the members who are working on delegated project tasks. Thus, you can have an overview of all tasks and their respective deadlines.

You can also see the different stages that a particular task has reached at any given time. Likewise, a project manager can also keep an eye on tasks that depend on other tasks to complete. If you’re managing your first project, this is one of the best project management templates to choose from on Google Sheets.

Smartsheet Project Management Template

If you use Google Sheets frequently, you know that Smartsheets offers an add-on that offers different templates for different purposes. If you’re looking for a simple Google Sheets project management template, you can try Smartsheet’s simple Google Sheets template.

This simple spreadsheet template allows managers to track tasks and ensure they are completed on time. You can also control costs and deliveries and control the time it takes your team to complete them.

SEO Project Management Sheet

SEO Tools website Moz provides an SEO priority worksheet that allows users to monitor all search engine optimization activities for their websites. If you’re in the content marketing or content publishing business, this simple template is one of the best Google Sheets project management templates you should have for managing SEO tasks.

The first sheet is a dashboard that will give you an overview of all the tasks and the specific project objective to be achieved in a given period. On the SEO Priority tab, you can track status updates for all individual tasks. You can then set a schedule to track activities on a weekly and monthly basis. This will help you track the project status easily.

Google spreadsheet template for project schedule

The Project Management Schedule Template / Spreadsheet is similar to the Google Sheets Gantt Chart Template in many ways and helps with many aspects of project planning. It allows users to track project schedule, budget and other variables. The spreadsheet format will allow you to plan weekly tasks.

The Project Timesheet tracks all project phases in different details. Also, you can only track one project at a time using this template. Therefore, if a project or task detail requires laser focused attention, this project tracker template is the best option to choose.

Simple Integrated Project Management Template

Google Sheets offers a number of project management templates in partnership with Smartsheets. What we are talking about here has a simple user interface and is very easy to navigate. This is sort of a condensed version of the previous free project management template in Google Sheets that we saw in this list.

The integrated project tracking model allows managers to have a bird’s-eye view of the many projects they are working on. You can track the estimated time required to complete each project, the status of deliverables, budget, financial statements, hours required, and actual hours required to complete the project.

However, if you want to track a project over a specific period of time, this template is not what you should be looking for.

Event Marketing Template

If you’re working on a marketing project, Google Sheets offers a free built-in template to help you work out the details. This template is also provided in partnership with Smartsheet. You can use this template to plan various stages of a marketing campaign across different channels and techniques and get an overview of the project scope.

The schedule is divided into four phases, with each phase contributing three weeks. You can also add additional notes to remember in a separate ‘Additional Information’ column in the spreadsheet. But again, this template provides an overview of your project, which means you can’t track the day-to-day operations of each phase of the project.

Comprehensive project plan template

Managing a project means you have to deal with multiple sheets; One can have an overview of all the projects you are working on, while the other can be set aside for time to keep an eye on the project schedule in detail. Instead, why not get a single project management template in Google Sheets with it all?

The comprehensive project planning template helps to create a daily schedule and control the entire work schedule with related subtasks. This is a great option to work with if you are undertaking a complex project that requires careful attention.

You can also track the timeline for each task and subtasks using this workflow template. In addition, you can assign and track all tasks and subtasks to individual team members. The project plan template allows you to track every little thing in detail for six months. After six months have elapsed, you can copy a Google spreadsheet and edit it accordingly for future use.

You will have to create an account on the website with your login ID and password. After that, you can download the template for free.

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