Why is Selenium the The Best Tool for Automation?

Why is Selenium the best Tool for Automation?

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Why is Selenium the best Tool for Automation? – Guide

Agile process tuning in the software development process accelerates overall software development time, delivery time (TTD), time to market (TTM), and ultimately reduces development costs. To ensure quality and efficiency in the testing process, the demand for automated testing tools has increased dramatically. Of the many automation testing tools available, Selenium is one of the most used for testing web applications.

Selenium is the portable open source framework for testing web applications. The Selenium framework uses a standard test domain language called “Selenese” to write test scripts, it also supports testers to write test scripts. This framework consists of a diverse stack of tools for automating software testing, each with different application- or project-specific functionality.

Why is selenium popular

Well, there is no doubt that selenium is popular. It may or may not be the best browser automation tool, but there is little doubt about its popularity. This free and open source tool is the interface testing choice of most software developers and testers. In fact, the list of its users includes Google and Facebook!

A simple reason for this could be that when you’re done configuring up Selenium, it provides an easy way to generate test scripts, perform functional validation and reuse test scripts in automated test frameworks.

Although Selenium, like all other tools, also requires a lot of technical knowledge from the tester, as well as knowledge of how to using third-party tools, it still manages to dominate the market for several years. It is extremely easy to use and deploy Selenium at the GUI level. Let’s dive deep into some other reasons for selenium’s popularity.

Advantages of Selenium

Free software

Selenium is open source software. There are no upfront costs. You can just go to the official website and download it for free. As if that wasn’t enough, support for the tool also comes absolutely free from a large community of users.

Supports multiple programming languages

Another advantage of working with Selenium is that you can work in any language. Although it has its own scripting language, the tester is not limited to writing in that specific language. Why? Because Selenium is quite robust when it comes to language support and can support each tester’s language bindings efficiently. These include C#, PHP, Java, and JavaScript, among others.

Scripts can be run again

Selenium supports recording scripts running in the browser in test run mode. An interesting point to note here is that you can save these scripts and run them again at any time. Furthermore, you can even create Selenium tests manually using web development tools like Firebug.

Works on many browsers

yet another feature What illustrates the robustness of Selenium is that tests can be run in multiple browsers without major restrictions. Not only that, but the tool deploys well in various environments such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. So no matter what browser you are working on any platform, you can use Selenium.

Integrates well with other tools

Selenium is quite a cooperative tool when it comes to coupling with other tools or third-party software. It imposes no restrictions on the tester’s choice regarding any aspect of the test framework. Efficiently integrates with third-party tools. You can also use Selenium in other cloud-based online grids such as LambdaTest.

Challenges of using selenium

Test management hurdles

Selenium does not come equipped with any test management features. All test scripts created are saved very simply, without any attributes.

However, to overcome this, you can integrate Selenium with test management tools like TestNG and JUnit to manage test cases and generate bug reports. These tools are very easy to integrate and use with Selenium.

Requires some level of technical knowledge

As a scripting automation testing tool, Selenium requires testers to have some programming knowledge. Using this tool requires a team with good skills that, when developed, can deliver the right results. But it can work with any language and convert languages ​​to Selenium code by itself. You can use it with Java, C#, PHP, RoR, Perl and all major languages.

In fact, for many users, Selenium is the best browser automation tool out there. However, for some users this may not be the case. If you want to automate your test suites without having to deal with the technical issues and test management that come with most tools, Selenium is the best choice for your business.

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