How to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue

How to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue

The internet quality available to players today is far superior to that available in the early 2000s, when online gaming was in its infancy. Lag and high ping were common issues back then, and they still exist (albeit in a minor capacity) today. While a faster internet connection will allow you to download games faster, playing them will not require much speed.

For a smooth gaming experience, games like Rocket League require a stable internet connection. However, your connection will be more important than your overall speed. If you’re experiencing frequent disconnects or delays when pinging Rocket League’s servers, you may need to perform a few troubleshooting steps to restore your home connection.

Lag could also be caused by Rocket League’s servers, which tend to malfunction during maintenance or when there are too many people playing the game. We have mentioned ways below to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue

Ways to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue

Install the latest game patch

To resolve the issue, it is still recommended that you check for Rocket League game updates and install  the most recent game patch. Because Psyonix states that it is a known issue and that they are actively working on it, they continue to release updates to fix known bugs and improve the gaming experience. And they recently released an update with the Connection Quality Indicator feature.

How to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue

Configure the Windows settings

Poor computer performance can cause Rocket League lag, so after installing Windows Update, you should also configure some settings on your computer to make it perform optimally. There are numerous things we can do to improve computer performance for Rocket League and other games, and we may not have covered them all in this post.

Update Graphics Card And Network Drivers

Outdated network and graphics drivers can cause game lag spikes. Players should ensure that their computer’s drivers are up to date. This can be accomplished by going to ‘Device Manager’ and updating your graphic card drivers under ‘Display Adapter’ and ‘Network Adapters’.

Players can also get the most recent driver update from the AMD, Nvidia, or Intel websites, depending on their graphics card. Rocket League will consume a significant amount of your computer’s processing power, so make sure no background downloads or applications are running. Check the status in ‘Windows Update Settings’ to ensure your Windows is up to date.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Fix Rocket League Lag Issue. Rocket League is a soccer game in which vehicles are used. Psyonix created and released it in 2015, allowing players to control rocket-powered cars with the goal of hitting the ball into the opposing team’s goal. It’s free to download from the Epic Store and features cross-platform functionality for console and PC gamers.

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